Sleeper (yo-yo trick)

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The Sleeper is one of the most common yo-yo tricks. It is considered required state before many other tricks can be performed. The essence of the trick is that the yo-yoer throws the yo-yo with a very pronounced wrist action so that when the yo-yo reaches the end of the string it spins in place rather than rolling back up the string to the thrower's hand. While the yo-yo is in the "sleeping" state at the end of the string, the yo-yoer can then execute other tricks like "around the world" or the more complex "rock the baby." When the yo-yoer decides to end the "sleeping" state, he/she merely jerks the wrist and the yo-yo "catches" the string and rolls back up to the hand. Most current players use ball-bearing yo-yos with low response, requiring a "bind" for the yo-yo to return.This trick can let you accomplish many more tricks such as Walk the dog, Rock the baby, etc. The Sleeper is one of the most important tricks of all, for 90% of yo-yo tricks require the Sleeper.