Sleepers of Mars

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First edition
Cover art by Chris Foss

Sleepers of Mars (ISBN 0-340-17326-2) is a collection of early short stories by John Wyndham, published after his death, in 1973 by Coronet Books.

The collection includes:

  • Sleepers of Mars (1939), a sequel to the novel Stowaway to Mars, in which a Russian expedition finds the remains of Martian civilisation.
  • Worlds to Barter (1931), telling of the descendents of the human race travelling back in time to take over the current Earth.
  • Invisible Monster (1933), featuring an invisible alien on the loose after the return of a space expedition.
  • The Man from Earth (1934), in which a human sent on a mission to Venus wakes up in the far future as the last human alive.
  • The Third Vibrator (1933), a cautionary tale in which the inventor of a super-weapon has a vision of how it previously destroyed Atlantis and Lemuria.