Sleeping with the Fishes

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Sleeping with the Fishes
Sleeping with the Fishes cover.jpg
Author MaryJanice Davidson
Country United States
Language English
Series Fred the Mermaid Trilogy
Genre Paranormal romance
Publisher Jove
Publication date
November 28, 2006
Media type Print
Pages 304 pp
ISBN 0-515-14222-0
OCLC 76687779
LC Class CPB Box no. 2602 vol. 13
Followed by Swimming Without a Net

For the term "sleeps with the fishes", see Cement shoes and Luca Brasi.

Sleeping with the Fishes is a 2006 paranormal romance by MaryJanice Davidson, in which the central character is a half-mermaid. This is the first book in the Fred the Mermaid series.

Plot summary[edit]

Fred, 29, is a marine biologist working at the aquarium in Boston. She is a mermaid in the water, although she has legs on land. Her mother is human, but her biological father is a merman. Jonas, her thought-to-be-gay best friend, is the only one outside the family who knows the secret, until she is seen swimming in the fish tank by Thomas, a new employee at the aquarium.

Prince Artur, a merman from the Black Sea, arrives to investigate the increased pollution in Boston Harbour and enlists the help of Fred and Thomas. They discover it to be a sewage waste problem caused by careless developers.

Thomas and Prince Artur are rivals for Fred's affection, despite her abrasive manners and dismissive attitude to romance.