Sleepy Hollow (soundtrack)

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Sleepy Hollow
Film score by Danny Elfman
Released 1999
Length Hollywood Records
Danny Elfman chronology
Sleep Hollow

Sleepy Hollow is the official soundtrack album of the 1999 Academy Award-winning film Sleepy Hollow. The original score was written by Danny Elfman.

The score won the Golden Satellite Award. It was also nominated by the Las Vegas Film Critics.


Danny Elfman composed one of his most densely detailed scores for Sleepy Hollow. The music, though essentially mono-thematic, is inventively developed and ornately orchestrated. Different orchestrations and harmonizations of a single, principal theme represent both the dark and light story elements in the film, though each comes with a handful of related secondary material.

However, save for the delicately light flashback scenes featuring Young Ichabod and his mother, the score is almost oppressively dark and heavily reliant on the low end of the orchestra. The score calls for extensive use of low woodwinds (contrabass clarinet, contrabassoon, etc.) and low brass (including Wagner tuba and cimbasso).

Track listing[edit]

Tracks marked with ♦ are only available as a bonus track on disc 8 of the Danny Elfman / Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box.

The track numbers listed here do not therefore correspond to the original 1999 album.

  1. Introduction
  2. Main Titles
  3. Young Ichabod
  4. The Story...
  5. Masbath's Terrible Death
  6. Young Masbath ♦
  7. Phony Chase ♦
  8. Sweet Dreams
  9. A Gift
  10. Phillipse's Death ♦
  11. Into The Woods/The Witch
  12. Mysterious Figure ♦
  13. More Dreams
  14. The Tree of Death
  15. Bad Dreams/Tender Moment
  16. Evil Eye
  17. The Church Battle
  18. Love Lost
  19. The Windmill
  20. The Chase
  21. The Final Confrontation
  22. A New Day!
  23. End Credits