Slime City

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Slime City
Directed by Greg Lamberson
Produced by Peter Clark
Marc Makowski
Written by Greg Lamberson
Starring Robert Sabin
Mary Huner
Bunny Levine
Music by Robert Tomaro
Distributed by Camp Video (VHS)
Shock-O-Rama Horror Cinema (DVD)
Release dates May 6, 1988
Running time 85 min.
Country United States
Language English

Slime City is a 1988 cult comedy-horror film, directed by Greg Lamberson and stars Robert Sabin, Mary Huner and Bunny Levine.[1]


Alex and his girlfriend are looking for an apartment to move into. They then find this nice apartment. Their neighbor seduces Alex while his girlfriend is away. After the incident, Alex begins to turn into an angry, melting monster. He finds that the only way he can return to normal is to commit murder. His girlfriend must learn the secret of the apartment and the brutal massacre that took place centuries ago.


  • Robert Sabin as Alex
  • Mary Huner as Lori / Nicole
  • Bunny Levine as Ruby
  • Gary Stein as Mr. Swan


A soundtrack album feature 40 minutes of instrumental music by Robert Tomaro was released for the 20th anniversary of the movie. It feature the bonus track The Slime City Tribute Song by Holy Mary Motor Club.


In 2009, Lamberson directed the sequel Slime City Massacre,[2] starring cult Scream Queen Debbie Rochon.[3]


The film was released on VHS in the United States by Camp Video in 1989.[4]

The film was released in the United Kingdom under the title The Slime in 1993 by VIPCO.[5]

The film was released on a special edition DVD by Shock-O-Rama Horror Cinema in 2005.[6] The uncut DVD was re-released in July 2009, with Lamberson's other features, Undying Love and Naked Fear, under the title Greg Lamberson's Slime City Grindhouse Collection.[7][dated info]


Lamberson is the author of the horror novels Johnny Gruesome and Personal Demons, published by Medallion Press, and the filmmaking book Cheap Scares! Low Budget Horror Filmmakers Share Their Secrets. He also created the popular horror entertainment website His personal website is


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