Slipstream (video)

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Video by Jethro Tull
Released 1981; 2003
Recorded 1980
Genre Progressive Rock; Art Rock
Length 57:14

Slipstream (1981) is a video by Jethro Tull, recorded during the 1980 A tour. It was originally released on VHS, Capacitance Electronic Disc, and laserdisc, and was released as a (bootleg) DVD in Brazil (as seen in the cover on the right) in 2003. It is also included in the (2004) bonus DVD edition of A. This bonus-disc DVD is the only official release on DVD.



  • Introduction - 3:27
  • "Black Sunday" - 6:23
  • "Dun Ringill" - 2:37 (music video)
  • "Fylingdale Flyer" - 4:03 (music video)
  • "Songs From the Wood" - 3:35
  • "Heavy Horses" - 7:25
  • "Sweet Dream" - 4:04 (music video)
  • "Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll" - 5:37
  • "Skating Away" - 3:36
  • "Aqualung" - 8:57
  • "Locomotive Breath" - 6:25
  • Credits - 1:05

Music videos[edit]

  • "Dun Ringill"
A video inspired by the Stormwatch album cover, filmed at a beach near Dover.
  • "Sweet Dream"
In this a vampire-themed homage to horror movies, Aqualung is pursued by a vampire and — like the prisoner — giant pink balloons. Meanwhile, a ballerina pirouettes, a giant tarantula emits death rays, and an evil projectionist starts his movie. Luckily, a Nun supplies the right equipment to defeat the vampire.
  • "Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll"
The elderly band is in a giant pinball machine, drinking their tea like the Alice in Wonderland tea party.
  • "Fylingdale Flyer"
The band is in an air traffic control tower, when they see some impending disaster. The cover of A is taken from this video. RAF Fylingdales (note the 's') is the site of a Ballistic Missile Early Warning System radar situated in the North York Moors National Park, which explains the lyric to the song.

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