Sliver by the River

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The Sliver by the River is a nickname for the area of New Orleans, Louisiana closest to the Mississippi River that escaped major flooding after Hurricane Katrina hit the city on August 29, 2005. It exists on higher ground made up of the natural levee built up by hundreds of years of flooding before there was a human settlement in the area. It mostly corresponds to the mid-19th century "Crescent" for which New Orleans gets its "Crescent City" nickname. It includes parts or all of the Bywater, Faubourg Marigny, French Quarter, Warehouse District, Garden District, Uptown and Carrollton areas of New Orleans.

The Rand Corporation estimates that by 2008, this area will have 110 percent of its pre-Katrina population while the rest of the city will be struggling to half of its pre-Katrina population density.[citation needed] [dated info]