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Gender Male
Word/name Serbian
Meaning the Free [man]
Region of origin Former Yugoslavia
Other names
Related names Eleftherios

Slobodan (Serbian Cyrillic: Слободан) is a Serbian masculine given name which means "free" (Serbian: Sloboda / Слобода means Freedom, Liberty) used among other South Slavs as well. It was coined by Serbian liberal politician Vladimir Jovanović who, inspired by John Stuart Mill's essay On Liberty baptised his son Slobodan in 1869 and his daughter Pravda (Justice) in 1871. It became popular in both Kingdom of Yugoslavia (1918–1945) and communist Yugoslavia (1945–1991) among other Yugoslav peoples and therefore today there are also Slobodans among Croats, Slovenes and other Yugoslav peoples.

Common derived nicknames are Sloba. Slobo, Boban, Boba, Bobi or Cobi.

Feminine counterpart is Slobodanka.

It may refer to:

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