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Sloppy Joe
Sloppy Joe "homemade".jpg
Above: A homemade sloppy joe with coleslaw
Below: Sloppy joe meat being prepared
Alternative name(s) Wimpies, yip yips, slushburgers, barbecues, hot tamales, taverns[citation needed]
Type Main
Place of origin United States
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredient(s) Ground beef, onions, sweetened tomato sauce or ketchup, seasoning, hamburger bun
Variations Multiple

A sloppy joe is a sandwich, originating in the United States, consisting of ground beef, onions, tomato sauce or ketchup and other seasonings, served on a hamburger bun.[1] Commercially made sauces are also available. Ground turkey or textured vegetable protein may be used as a substitute for ground beef.


Several variations of the sloppy joe exist in North America. In Quebec, Canada, a sandwich of stewed ground beef called pain à la viande is usually served on a hot dog bun. A similar sandwich, the "dynamite", exists in the area around Woonsocket, Rhode Island, and is distinguished by the use of onions, bell peppers, and sometimes celery.[2]

Stewed meat sandwiches are common in several other culinary traditions as well. The rou jia mo, from China's Shaanxi Province, consists of stewed pork, beef or lamb on a steamed bun. Keema pav of Indian cuisine uses a pav bread roll filled with keema, a minced, stewed, curried meat.[3]

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