Slovak Football Association

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Slovak Football Association
Association crest
Founded 1938
FIFA affiliation 1994
UEFA affiliation 1993
President Ján Kováčik
(Ukrainian: Ян Ковачік; Yan Kovachik)

The Slovak Football Association (SFA) (Slovak: Slovenský futbalový zväz; SFZ, Ukrainian: Словацький Футбольний Союз; СФС) is the governing body of football in Slovakia. It governs organisation of the Slovakia national football team matches. It is based in Bratislava. It was founded in 1938 and originally became a member of FIFA in 1939, but disbanded after World War II because Czech and Slovak football competitions combined, and so did the national teams. It became a member again in 1994, one year after the breakup of Czechoslovakia.

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