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Slovak Telekom logo, February 2006-January 2012.
Slovak Telecom logo, 2004-'06. By that time, it was one of the few Deutsche Telekom companies without the Telekom "T" in its logo.

Slovak Telekom (in the past officially called Slovenské telekomunikácie and Slovak Telecom; the brand used for fixed line products was T-Com from March 2006 to January 2012. By 2012 is only one brand for mobile products and fixed line products: Telekom[1]) is the largest telecommunications company operating in Slovakia (after consolidation with its 100 per cent daughter T-Mobile Slovakia).


It is majority owned (51 percent) by Germany's Deutsche Telekom. The remaining share is owned by Slovakia's Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications, which owns 34 percent, and the National Property Fund of the Slovak Republic, which owns 15 percent. On July 1, 2010 Slovak Telekom officially merged with the mobile provider T-Mobile.

Corruption allegations[edit]

In June 2010, just two days before the national election in Slovakia, Slovak Telekom signed an allegedly dubious deal [2] with the Ministry of Education with value of 38 millions Euros. Suspected corruption could be involved in the case. Corruption allegations about Slovak Telekom are being investigated by Transparency International Slovakia.


In 2010, Deutsche Telekom (German majority owner) repeatedly refused to pay dividends to the Slovak Republic (49% Telekom owner). This move is illegal in Germany.


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