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Slow Jam (Slo' Jam) is an independent record label and a music production company headquartered in Berlin, Germany and interrelated with the international music market. In many cases the Slo' Jam supported music projects and artists can be categorized in the genres Hip Hop, Cross Over and Alternative. One of the main focuses seems to be artist project development from the scratch, creative work with full involvement of the artist, dramaturgical consulting service for market overlapping artist recognition in Europe and the interrelation of regional and international music projects.


The story[edit]

The company Slow Jam (often also differently written: Slo' Jam) was founded 2002 in Berlin Germany, and arose from a small music production named "Sonny Side Of The Street". The causer behind all this is a multi-talented music, sound and artwork talent who can be called an already well-known insider tip in the circle of music business people - the music producer, songwriter and artist "Gilmano", who has caused quite a stir in the UK Charts (Top40) by supporting Rap artist Tara Chase, the Canadian female MC and by remixing top hits of the German band "Spike" with an amazing feedback in the clubs around Europe. The out of his advanced fields of activity as a moviemaker and author resulting experiences incorporate with his musical work for Slo' Jam. Lately Slow Jam - better personified by saying - Gilmano was providing sensation again by producing and supporting the Russian MC No.1 Seryoga as an Executive Producer for 3 award winning and critically acclaimed Hip Hop longplay records, two for the biggest market of the world, the "new market" - The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) -, and one for the European market, all together with many chart-list entries, 6 Top10 Hits, 3 Number-One-Hits and 14 weeks in the chart-lists at place Number 1. Slo' Jam and Gilmano can be count to the avantgarde of innovative and extraordinary music production and music project development. There has not been such a thing ever before made in Germany for the international market yet like this. Like this example points out, artists are touring around the world with the music produced by Gilmano, also in the US.

Artists & Repertoire (supported by Slo' Jam)[edit]

Discography (selection of newer releases)[edit]


Year Title Region Artist
2005 Disko Malaria CIS - Commonwealth of Independent States Seryoga
2006 Disko Malaria (New Edition) CIS - Commonwealth of Independent States Seryoga
2006 Russia's No.1 Germany Seryoga feat. Max Sacura, Eveleena, SCURiL!, Rapturous,Gilmano uva.


Year Title Region Artist
2005 Vozle Doma CIS - Commonwealth of Independent States Seryoga feat. Max
2005 Barbeque Germany Seryoga
2006 2Kaiser Germany Seryoga feat. Azad
2006 Million Dollar Song CIS - Commonwealth of Independent States Seryoga
2007 Gangsta No More Germany Seryoga feat. Eveleena

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