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A slow irregular variable (ascribed the GCVS types L, LB and LC) is a variable star that exhibit no or very poorly defined periodicity in their slowly changing light emissions. These stars have often been little-studied, and once more is learnt about them, they are reclassified into other categories such as semiregular variables.

Most of irregular variables are cool stars of late spectral types K and M, S stars or carbon stars. They are divided into LB:s, which are generally giants, and LC:s—supergiants exhibiting a light variation interval of about 1 magnitude.[1]

Designation (name) Constellation Discovery Apparent magnitude (Maximum)[2] Apparent magnitude (Minimum)[3] Range of magnitude Spectral type Subtype Comment
U Antliae Antlia   !B9979081359383 8m.1 (p) !B9977278741144 9m.7 (p) !B9995299963707 1.6 N:v LB  
Beta Pegasi Pegasus Schmidt, 1847 !B9991627524754 2m.31 !B9989920420796 2m.74 !D0008439700702 0.43 M2.3 II-III LB  
Epsilon Pegasi (Enif) Pegasus !D0003566749439 0m.7 !B9987472370315 3m.5 !B9989703805828 2.8 K2 Ib LC  
TX Piscium Pisces   !B9984334695885 4m.79 !B9983513413744 5m.20 !D0008675005677 0.42 C5III LB  
Alpha Scorpii (Antares) Scorpius   !D0001278333715 0m.88 !B9998515799948 1m.16 !D0012729656758 0.28 M1.5Iab-b LC  
Eta Sculptoris Sculptor   !B9984313840820 4m.8 !B9984107647948 4m.9 !D0023025850929 0.1 M2/M3III LB  
Alpha Tauri (Aldebaran) Taurus   !D0002876820724 0m.75 !D0000512932943 0m.95 !D0016094379124 0.20 K5III LB  


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  2. ^ (visual magnitude, unless marked (B) (= blue) or (p) (= photographic))
  3. ^ (visual magnitude, unless marked (B) (= blue) or (p) (= photographic))

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