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Slug Signorino (Michele Signorino) is an illustrator and designer most notable for his cartoons in The Straight Dope, a nationally syndicated weekly newspaper column that he has illustrated since 1975.


Slug Signorino currently lives and works in La Porte, Indiana. He was married to Judy Signorino. In the year of 1974, Slug Signorino collaborated with Elwood H. Smith in order to create Magpie Studio that was located in Michigan City, Indiana.[1] It has been claimed that "Slug" is not the illustrators real name, but it has been kept a secret what his real name is.[2]


Slug Signorino's illustrations have been used for the past 30 years for books, advertising, and editorial contexts. [3] His works are recognizable by his unique madcap style.[1] Not only is Slug Signorino a published illustrator, but he is also an illustrator of children's books. He is credited to the following titles for children's books:

  • Quick, Go Peek (Let Me Read, Level 3)
  • Touchdown Riddles
  • How to Be Your Own Selfish Pig
  • Other Ways You've Been Brainwashed[4]


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