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Slugterra logo picture.png
Slugterra Show Title Logo
Genre Action-Adventure
Created by Asaph Fipke
Developed by Asaph Fipke
Chuck Johnson
Written by Asaph Fipke
Todd Garfield
Ken Pontac
Rob Hoegee
Scott Sonneborn
Directed by Johnny Darrell
Sebastian Brodin
Blair Simmons
Daniel Ife
Clint Butler
Voices of Samuel Vincent
Andrew Francis
Lee Tockar
Shannon Chan-Kent
Mark Oliver
Brian Drummond
Composer(s) Brian Carson
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 39 (2 movies) (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Asaph Fipke
Chuck Johnson
Ken Faier
Rob Hoegee
Producer(s) Asaph Fipke
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Nerd Corps Entertainment
Distributor Disney XD (Canada)
Shout! Factory
Original channel Disney XD Canada (Canada)
Disney XD (USA)
Original run September 3, 2012 (2012-09-03) – October 19, 2013 (2013-10-19) [1]
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Slugterra is a Canadian/American animated television series created by Asaph Fipke. It was first broadcast on Disney XD Canada on weekends, at 2pm, starting on 3 September 2012 . Later it was also broadcast on Disney XD on 15 October 2012, at 3:30 PM ET. The series was produced by the Canadian animation studio Nerd Corps Entertainment.

It premiered on Disney XD Canada on 3 September 2012, and began broadcasts in the United States the following month. Since the series' debut, 39 episodes have been broadcast in three seasons. It has been broadcast in over 150 countries internationally. Several products tied to the series have been released, including action figures and video games. Several specials and the films Slugterra: Ghoul from Beyond (2014) and Slugterra: Return of the Elementals (2014) have also been created.


Eli Shane is a teenager determined to be the greatest slug-slinging hero of Slugterra after his dad. He can do this only by collecting, training, and dueling little creatures called slugs. Before he came to Slugterra, he had only one slug, a famous slug named Burpy. When first in Slugterra, he finds a friend with a Molenoid named Pronto. Next he finds Trixie, a girl who saves him from a rogue slug-slinger. Then he meets a Cave Troll named Kord. With the help of Pronto he enters a tournament in which he trains and receives more slugs. He gets ready and then tries to stop the nefarious Dr. Thaddius Blakk and his ghoul slugs.


Slug is a common name for an apparently shell-less terrestrial gastropod mollusk. They have special powers according to their element, which are: Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Energy. When these slugs are fired with the help of Blasters, they reach a speed of one hundred miles per hour and transform into a stronger form called Battle Form which can be highly destructive. Once they are fired, they can only be re-used if their Slingers are fast in picking them up and reloading, otherwise they will return to one's hideout if one is friendly to them. All Slug-Slingers have to expand their arsenal and for that they use certain techniques like only talking, using special slug collecting devices. Slugs need be fed regularly so that they remain healthy, and baby slugs need extra special care to help them mature. If experienced enough, slugs can mega morph/or evolve into an even stronger form called a Mega Morph if they were shot at two hundred miles per hour. If a slug is not experienced enough, it will get thrown off by the speed. By using an accelerator in the blaster, you can make a slug mega morph more easily.They are kept in special cylinder-shaped cases called slug containers. Blasters have three parts, the base, barrel and space for reloading in which slugs are fitted and then fired by fusing energy of slugs and blaster. The list of slugs is as follows:

  1. AquaBeek - A slug that can spout water and other things when transformed
  2. Arachnet - A purple slug that takes on a spider-like form when transformed. Can spin webs quickly to use as nets or grappling wires.
  3. Armashelt - A slug with heavy hard outer shell can roll up and bash things like rocks when transformed.
  4. Blastipede - A Slug That Throws Blue Bouncing Bombs that are activated when the Blastipede's Antennas touch.
  5. Boon Doc - An aqua green slug with one eye. Considered to be very rare and possesses great healing powers, which can purify Ghoul Slugs.
  6. Bubbaleone - A slug that can inflate itself like a balloon when transformed. It can also carry people inside its body and shoot blasts of bubbles.
  7. Crystalyd - A slug that can tunnel when transformed.
  8. Diggrix - A slug that can tunnel when transformed, like Crystalyd.
  9. Dirt Urchin - This slug uses spines and spikes for its attacks.
  10. Enigmo - A rare slug that severely disrupts the vision of any living thing it hits, which can be reversed by being hit by the Slug again. Being hit by one also enables the target to be able to see a slug's aura.
  11. Fandango - A slug that can boost slug energy
  12. Fingerlings - Baby slugs.
  13. Flaringo - A common fire slug
  14. Flatulorhinkus - A slug that releases a foul-smelling toxic gas when blasted, often used to make a quick getaway.
  15. Flopper - A very weak slug that lacks any powers.
  16. Forgesmelter - A slug commonly found in volcanic regions. When transformed, it can spew lava hot enough to melt the toughest metals.
  17. Frightgeist - A slug that takes on a hideous zombie-like appearance when transformed. It can distort the vision of whoever it hits, causing them to see their worst fears.
  18. Frostcrawler - An icy slug that gains white fur when transformed, giving it a yeti-like appearance. Can breathe ice, which is useful for freezing enemies and making slopes.
  19. Geoshard - A slug that forms a crystalline shell around its target.
  20. Grenuke - A grenade slug.
  21. Hexlet - Although not shot in the series, the Hexlet's main attack gives you bad luck.
  22. Hop Rock - A slug with a rocky shell covering its back. It becomes a living bomb in its transformed state and will explode upon impact.
  23. Hoverbug - A slug that's extremely fast flyer
  24. Hypnogrif - A slug that possesses hypnotic abilities, sending its victims into a zombie-like trance.
  25. Infurnus - A fiery slug that is commonly kept by the Shane family. When transformed, it takes on a dragon-like appearance with flaming wings and can breathe fire, the slinger of a Infurnus slug is the protector of slugterra
  26. Jellyish - A slug that fires out some type of goo when transformed
  27. Lariat - A slug that spits a gross gooey string.
  28. Lavalynx - A slug that fires molten lava.
  29. Mimkey - A slug that can mimic the transformed state and powers of any opposing slugs fired at it.
  30. MakoBreaker - This slug has the ability to transform into a shark-like creature.
  31. Negashade - This slug has attacks like a shadow ninja.
  32. Neotox - A slug that releases a green cloud that can petrify any who inhale it.
  33. Phosphoro - A slug that fires a bright light when transformed
  34. Polero - A slug when fired it splits into two when transformed.
  35. Rammstone - A slug used for ramming
  36. Sand Angler- Like the name suggests, a Sand Angler's is sand.
  37. Sliksilver - A metal and magnet slug.
  38. Slyren - A slug with a gentle singing voice that sends anyone who listens too closely to sleep. When transformed, its voice becomes a baritone sound and more powerful.
  39. Gazzer - This slug releases a gas onto a target that can make them dance or laugh uncontrollably or turn them into an easy target.
  40. Slicksilver - A slug that has steel armor, and can act like a magnet or a compass
  41. Speedstinger - A slug that does a trickshot
  42. Tazerling - A blue slug with lightning bolt-shaped antennae. It can fire bolts of electricity from its mouth when transformed.
  43. Thresher - A slug when transformed it can cut and chomp through anything
  44. Thugglet - A slug that does illusions.
  45. Tormato - A slug that fires out air and produces a rampaging tornado when transformed.
  46. Vinedrill - This slug transforms into a squid-like creature whose power enables it to use plant-like attacks.
  47. Xmitter - A slug that when shot will cause a blast that shuts down any nearby electrical devices.

Dr. Blakk turns normal slugs into ghouls by using dark water. Some of the ghouls are:

  1. Amperling-ghouled Tazerling
  2. Photomo-ghouled Phosphoro
  3. Darkfurnace-ghouled Infurnus
  4. Harmashelt-ghouled Armashelt
  5. Barreto-ghouled Polero
  6. Bubbalash-ghouled Bubbaleone
  7. Necroshade-ghouled Negashade
  8. Terarix-ghouled Diggrix
  9. Dark Urchin-ghouled Dirt Urchin
  10. Greneater-ghouled Grenuke
  11. Goon Doc-ghouled Boon Doc
  12. Cryptogrif-ghouled Hypnogrif
  13. Flatlorex-ghouled Flatulorhinkus
  14. Frostfang- ghouled Frostcrawler
  15. Grimmstone-ghouled Rammstone
  16. Hop Jack-ghouled Hop Rock
  17. Smugglet-ghouled Thuglett
  18. Jollyfist-ghouled Jellyish
  19. Neurotox-ghouled Neotox
  20. Nightgeist-ghouled Frightgeist
  21. Pyringo-ghouled Flaringo
  22. Tempesto-ghouled Tormato
  23. Thrasher-ghouled Thresher
  24. Attacknet-ghouled Arachnet
  25. Aquafreak-ghouled AquaBeek


  1. Roboslug


Blasters are part of the Slugslinger's basic gear needed for slinging slugs. Blasters are used to shoot Slugs with enough force for them to reach velocity and transform. Blasters can be customized with accessories to enhance the blaster's or the slinger's performance, although most slingers stick with the basic components of their chosen model and let the Slugs do the work. Blasters can be temoparily disabled, permernently damaged or destroyed by slug attacks, misfire or improper blaster modifications. Even without a blaster, it is still possible for the slug to reach velocity using historical methods such as catapults or slingshots.

Fusion Shot[edit]

A fusion shot is where two synchronized slugs that can work together to make a combination of their powers and make an even more powerful move.


SoulBeam:"Sonikin"+"Negashade" - Creates a sonic beam fused with the "Light" & "Shadow" representing "Yin & Yang". It injured Twist so badly, he was unable to walk.

NovaShock: "Infurnus"+"Tazerling" - Forms an ionized plasma blast engulfed in flames. One of the strongest fusions.

MagmaBlade: "Thresher"+"Forgesmelter" - Forms a superheated spinning sawblade that spews lava from its sides, able to melt solid metal like butter, and leave it in a liquid form.

BoulderStorm: "Rammstone"+"Tormato" - (Possible Defective Combo) Rammstone launches Tormato at multiple opponents as the Tormato creates a rampaging cyclone filled with boulders.It seem to worked but it could backfire in close range or medium range. Suitable to destroy multiple opponent from long range.

NitroBubble: "Infurnus"+"Bubbaleone" - Forms a flaming bubble that can be used for emergency transport. It functions like a high speed hot air balloon which can go in any direction.

InfernoSlam: "Infurnus"+"Rammstone" - Once launches the Slugs will spin around each other, leading to a Rammstone with blazing horns. Strong enough to destroy what 5 powerful slugs couldn't.

ElectroSpear: "Tazerling"+"Dirt Urchin" - Once the Slug start spinning, electrified needles are then shot out. Able to defeat the first Lightwell guardian.

Supernova: "Infurnus"+"Phosphoro" - The Slug spin, while the Phosphoro starts lighting up, the Infurnus boosts the light.Able to defeat the High Plains Monster.

MagmaStrike: "Infurnus"+"Armashelt" - The Slugs launch a flaming boulder, capable of temporary stopping Dr.Blakk's Titan tanks.

RockArmour: "Rammstone"+"Hop Rock" - The Rammstone will increase in size, and get plated in Hop Rock armour.

SawBolo: "Polero"+"Thresher" - Become two threshers joined together and begins to turn.

Defective Combinations[edit]

TiringPulse: "Infurnus"+"AquaBeek" - Tiring pulse that tires out all normal slugs in the area

Mecha Beasts[edit]

Mecha-Beasts are robotic creatures used as a common form of transportation. They are powered by Slug-energy. The different animals they resemble can vary. Mecha-Beasts, like Slugs, can be ghouled by applying Dark Water to their cores.


Most, but not all, Mecha-Beasts are made at the Mecha-Beast Forge. They are powered by special hearts. These hearts are infused with Slug-energy via molecular transfusion. The abilities and qualities of a mecha-beast vary from mecha to mecha. They can be upgraded with mods just like blasters in order to fit various situations.


Mecha Beasts are infused with Slug-energy, which unfortunately means that they can by ghouled. A ghouled mecha will start to behave erratically and its eyes will glow red. It will stop obeying orders and eventually turn on its rider, then explode. It can be cured by healing Slugs.

Seen Mecha Beasts[edit]

Mecha-Beasts come in all shapes and sizes. The most commonly seen beasts resemble bulls, horses, moles, and elephants. Some unique beasts were custom-made to look like snakes and the HooliGang had their mechas made to resemble hyenas. It has been seen that mechas can be modified to deploy a large amount of weaponry.


Main characters[edit]

  • Eli Shane (voiced by Samuel Vincent): The series main protagonist who grew up on the surface, always dreaming of the day his father would take him down to Slugterra to become The Shane - a slugslinging hero who protects this amazing underground world from bad guys! When William "Will" Shane goes missing, it is up to Eli to make the drop down to Slugterra alone on his 15th birthday, as well as learn how to become the greatest slugslinger. He was in the slugterra tournament and almost won but he lost the final round by an opponent who used a ghoul-type slug. He currently is the only Shane that is in Slugterra. Eli has a high potential and is ready to take any evil in Slugterra, he is also the one to technically name the 'Ghoul' Slugs. His Slug is Burpy, an Infurnus
  • Beatrice "Trixie" Sting (voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent): She is no slouch on the slugslinging field, along with that her blaster packs a mean slug punch! Though she likes to keep an eye out for unusual slugs, Trixie's always got her head in the game and can often spot an exit or a smart strategy when the team is caught up in the fight. The Shane Gang's resident slug expert, Trixie's dream is to make a documentary film all about the funny little creatures called slugs. Nobody in Slugterra seems to realize slugs have feelings, a chirp-based language, as well as a society all their own, but she's going to prove it to everyone in her one-minute Slugisodes.
  • Kord Zane (voiced by Andrew Francis): A huge cave troll. He is a gear-head mechanic who fixes the team's mecha-beasts and upgrades their blasters. His favorite thing to do is play practical jokes, usually on Pronto! He's pretty easy-going, as well as it is rare to see any of the typical Cave Troll Rage in Kord. This mountain of muscle has a big heart to match his giant biceps, but watch out! Kord's got a wicked slinging arm. He is also the first one to make mecha beasts transform into speeds over 100 miles per hour.
  • Pronto Geronimole (voiced by Lee Tockar): A proud and knowledgeable molenoid tracker. He is a master rogue, slugslinger and adventurer... or at least that's how he tells it. Molenoids have a built-in magnetic compass that means they can find their way almost anywhere. Unfortunately this has completely gone to his head, which is why Pronto's been kicked out of almost every cavern he's ever been to at least once! For a tracker his sense of direction is surprisingly awful. Luckily his Slugsniper rifle aim is pretty good! He is also the king of the molenoids as seen in the episode "keys to the kingdom".
  • Junjie (voiced by Vincent Tong): A hero from the Eastern Realm and who is the master of the mysterious art of slugslinging "Slug Fu". His Infurnus is named, Juju.He speaks the mysterious shadow clan language.


  • Dr. Thaddius Blakk (voiced by Mark Oliver): The series main antagonist and the owner of Blakk Industries. His business dealings and the creation of the Slugterranian Express train have made him a rich and powerful man. Ultimately, his business is hiding his true purpose: to control all of Slugterra and destroy the magical slug energy that protects this underground world. A powerful slugslinger with a terrifying multi-shot Harbinger Firestorm blaster, Blakk has corrupted his slugs through the dark science of ghouling, turning them into ruthless shadows of their former sluggy selves. It is revealed in "The Unbeatable Master" that Dr. Blakk once competed against Will Shane to be trained by Shinai, the titular character of the episode, only to lose. This began a harsh rivalry between the two.
  • Dr. Blakk's goons Dr. Blakk hires hundreds of goons to do his bidding.
  • Maurice (voiced by Brian Drummond): He is one of Dr. Blakk's henchmen. He reports directly to Blakk and is rarely seen sent out into the field to fight or recon information.
  • El Diablos Nacho (voiced by Brian Drummond): Blakk's right-hand man. Some have seen strange signs that may say there is more to him, maybe even that he is some kind of human or troll ghouling. In the episode What Lies Beneath it is revealed that he is one of the Darkbains who works with Dr. Blakk on behalf of his leader who has an arrangement with Blakk.
  • Twist (voiced by David A. Kaye): a Slugslinger who befriended the "Shane Gang" who was in fact working for Dr. Blakk. He carries a deep hatred towards the Shanes due to his father falling to his doom when Will Shane caught him stealing a large amount of slugs, causing him panic and run. Twist becomes Blakk's apprentice after he fires El Diablos Nacho. He has a ghoul slug named "Loki", with powers that mimic the powers of the deity of the same name. Unknown what happen to him he's presumably still at large.
  • Sedo (voiced by Sam Vincent): A molenoid who works for Dr. Blakk and Pronto's lifelong nemesis. He appears to not be aware of this.
  • Locke and Lode (voiced by Mark Oliver and Lee Tockar): Two twin Slugslingers who work for Dr. Blakk. Both brothers are large built men with large backpacks and heavy armor. Locke wears yellow and Lode wears red.
  • C.C. (voiced by Lee Tockar):
  • Quentin (voiced by Andy Toth): A mad scientist who wanted to get rid of Slugs and replace them with roboslugs. His goggles scan Slugs and program counter measures. During a field trip, Quentin fell into a room with Slugs and was trapped inside. After being found 2 days later he developed Molluscophobia (Phobia Of Slugs) and became obsessed with ridding Slugterra of slugs. He gave up and was arrested peacefully, but soon after, Dr. Blakk arrived and offered him a job. After a long absence he returns in the episodes "Upgrade". He follows the Shane gang who are trying to get the recently captured Dr. Blakk to a high security prison, using a large battle tank, dubbed the Titan.
  • John Bull (voiced by Lee Tockar): A Slugslinger who is known as the best on the tournament circuit. He owns a Tempesto Slug.
  • HooliGang: a trio of Slugslingers who worked for Blakk and wreak havoc in Quiet Lawn Cavern by shooting trick shots but were fired by Blakk after they were beaten by the Shane Gang.
  • Billy (voiced by Brian Drummond): The leader of the HooliGang. He spends a large amount of his time illegally perfecting his Mecha-beast, stealing anything good to add to his.
  • Shorty: A member of the HooliGang. She has a sawed-off slinger.
  • Glasses: A member of the HooliGang. He is short, as well as has been known to create, albeit very bad, graffiti for fun.
  • Mr. Saturday (voiced by Scott McNeil): A Slugslinger from the tropical caverns who has been rumored to experiment with dark slug magic. He specifically uses a Cryptogriff Ghoul to brainwash people into becoming his zombified servants.
  • Boss Ember (voiced by Brian Drummond): An Octoad who is the self-proclaimed ruler of Scrapheap Cavern.
  • Scrap Force: A gang in Scrapheap Cavern who worked for Boss Ember until he fired them.
  • Straggus (voiced by Ian James Corlett): Straggus is the leader of the Scrap Force. He is a teal skinned reptile with crooked teeth. He also wears an orange helmet with green tubes on it.
  • Mongo (voiced by Andrew Francis): is a member of Scrap Force as he came up with the name
  • Two unnamed members
  • Viggo Dare (voiced by Jim Byrnes[disambiguation needed]): A gangster that acted law keeper of Slagrock Cavern. He rules his cavern with an iron fist and a loaded blaster, keeping order through fear.
  • Game Master (voiced by Kirby Morrow): A twisted techie, wanting to match wits with the best of them, even if it kills his opponents. Stolen slugs power his holograms and sick set-ups. It is unknown what happened to him he's presumably still at large.
  • Darkbane (voiced by Michael Kopsa and Andrew Francis): Race of demon-like warriors who inhabit the Deep Caverns beneath Slugterra and provide Dr. Blakk with Dark Water.
  • Brimstone (voiced by Michael Kopsa): Leader of the Darkbain and El Diablos Nacho's true master. He's the series' secondary antagonist. Desires to conquer both SlugTerra and the Surface. Bears some resemblance to the Devil.

Recurring characters[edit]

  • William "Will" Shane (voiced by Samuel Vincent): Eli's father was the beacon of justice in Slugterra, but he went missing a couple years back after a duel with Dr. Blakk, and now his son Eliott "Eli" Shane protects Slugterra as The Shane. He had Burpy before Eli (Will Shane gained Burpy by persuading Blakk's slugs to turn against him.). He returns in Slugterra: Return of the Elementals in which he serves as the Goon's new host.
  • Jimmo "Jim" Shane (Lee Tockar): Jimmo was the uncle of Will Shane and granduncle of Eli Shane.
  • Shinai (voiced by Kathleen Barr): Also known as the Unbeatable Master. She was rumored to have trained every Shane that ever lived, but was indirectly responsible for Dr. Blakk turning to a darker path when she chose to train Will Shane over him. She was killed when Blakk struck her from behind with a Ghouled Boon Doc slug.
  • Red Hook (voiced by Brian Drummond): A cranky blastersmith who built the blasters of the Shanes. He lives in Quiet Lawn Cavern.
  • Shadow Clan: A group of lemur-like creatures who live in Slugterra. Supposedly the Shadow Clan had high respect for the Shanes, especially for Will Shane, Eli's Father. Unfortunately after knowing of the disappearance of Will Shane, they lost all respect for the Shanes and began terrorizing anyone who enters their territory. It is rumored that whoever visits their caverns hardly survives. All they know is that the Shadow Clan were the first creatures in Slugterra.
  • Shadow Clan Leader (voiced by Andrew Francis & Brian Drummond):
  • Tom Por: Will Shane's partner and friend.
  • Dana Por (voiced by Maryke Hendrikse): Tom Por's daughter. She wanted revenge because Eli's father had a "treasure", and according to her, half was for Tom. Her costume and weapons are similar to that of Marvel character "Black Widow".
  • King of Sling (voiced by Michael Dobson and Trevor Devall): He is a slugslinger, he is a fool, it appears sometimes, and he dance.
  • Shock Wire (voiced by Andrew Francis): He is the first slugslinger that Eli defeats, and from him, Eli wins Joules, He only use Tazerlings Slugs, Those slugs are powerful, but can misfire if overworked and also shock their slinger.
  • Gearhold Stalker (voiced by Michael Dobson): A Slug hunter that was after the Enigmo Slug in Endangered Species. Stalker used two Slug Hounds and Slug Traps to catch the Slugs. It is also said that if you see him it is already too late that is why he is also known as SBD, silent but deadly. He is a master at setting traps.
  • Powers Triplets (voiced by Lee Tockar): The Powers Triplets, a.k.a the Power Trips, are a group of slugslingers consisting of two brothers and one sister.
  • Marcus (brother)
  • Gabe (brother)
  • Fav (sister)


Season Episodes Originally aired (Canadian Dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 13 September 3, 2012 (2012-09-03) November 1, 2012 (2012-11-01)
2 12 February 2, 2013 (2013-02-02) July 5, 2013
3 14 August 5, 2013 October 19, 2013 (2013-10-19)
Movie 2 - August 2, 2014

Home media[edit]

Shout! Factory announced they would be releasing Slugterra: Return Of The Shane Gang, the first DVD collection of the show, on February 12, 2013.[2] The second collection, Slugterra: Slugs Unleashed, was released on June 18, 2013, with Slugterra: Slug Power! following on September 17.[3] In the UK Primal Screen released episodes on DVD.

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