Smack (Brazilian band)

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Origin São Paulo, Brazil
Genres Post-punk, mod revival, garage rock, punk rock, experimental rock
Years active 1983–1986, 2005–present
Labels Baratos Afins, Midsummer Madness
Associated acts Fellini, Ira!, Mercenárias, Voluntários da Pátria, Itamar Assumpção
Members Sandra Coutinho
Sérgio Pamplona
Edgard Scandurra
Past members Thomas Pappon

Smack is a Brazilian post-punk band from São Paulo, characterized by its raw and experimental instrumentation heavily influenced by Gang of Four, Talking Heads, Os Mutantes and The Jam, among others.[1]

The band ended in 1986, but reunited in 2005 for a couple of shows, and in 2008 they recorded an EP.


Smack was founded in São Paulo in 1983, after a meeting between Sandra Coutinho (who was also a founding member of the all-female band Mercenárias), Sérgio "Pamps" Pamplona (a former member of Itamar Assumpção's band Isca de Polícia), Edgard Scandurra (of Ira!) and Thomas Pappon (who just left Voluntários da Pátria,[1] and would later join Fellini). The band's debut album, Ao Vivo no Mosh, was released in 1985 via famous Brazilian independent label Baratos Afins;[2] the band recorded it live in the Estúdios Mosh (albeit with no audience), hence the album's name.[1]

In order to focus more on his then-new band Ira!, Edgard Scandurra left Smack in 1986. Now a trio, the band recorded their second and last full-length album, Noite e Dia, in the same year. It was also released by Baratos Afins.

Some time after the release of Noite e Dia, Smack disbanded, with Thomas quoting the reason as being "Pamps' lack of interest on continuing the band", as well as lack of promotion and some personal problems.[1]

19 years later, Smack reunited, albeit without Thomas Pappon (since he moved to Europe in 1990), and performed in some venues around Brazil, with Pitchu Ferraz replacing him as the drummer.

In 2008, they released the extended play 3, via carioca independent label Midsummer Madness.[3][4] It was their first release in 22 years.


Studio albums[edit]

Extended plays[edit]

  • 3 (2008)


Featured the songs "Fora Daqui" and "Mediocridade Afinal".


Current members[edit]

  • Sandra Coutinho — bass (1983–1986, 2005–)
  • Edgard Scandurra — guitar (1983–1986, 2005–)
  • Sérgio "Pamps" Pamplona — vocals (1983–1986, 2005–)

Former members[edit]

  • Thomas Pappon — drums (1983–1986)

Session/live musicians[edit]

  • Pitchu Ferraz — drums (2005, 2008–)


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