Small Aten Temple

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Reconstruction of the Small Aten Temple at Amarna

The Small Aten Temple is located in the abandoned city of Akhetaten (modern Amarna, in Egypt). It is one of the two major temples in the city, the other being the Great Temple of the Aten. It is situated close to the King's House and the Royal Palace, in the central part of the city.

Original known as the Hwt Aten or Mansion of the Aten, it was probably constructed before the larger Great Temple.

Like the other structures in the city, it was constructed quickly, and hence was easy to dismantle and reuse the material for later construction.


Coordinates: 27°38′43″N 30°53′47″E / 27.6453°N 30.8963°E / 27.6453; 30.8963