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This page is about the record label. For the Small Stone effect pedal, see Electro-Harmonix.
Small Stone Records
Founded 1995 (1995)
Founder Scott Hamilton
Status Active
Distributor(s) All That is Heavy
Allegro/Nail (USA)
Bertus (Benelux)
Cargo Records GmBH (Germany)
Carrot Top Records (USA)
GMR Music Group (Sweden)
Sonic Unyon (Canada)
ShellShock Distribution (UK)
Genre Stoner rock
Indie Rock
Acid rock/Psychedelic
Rock 'n roll
Southern rock
Alt rock
Blues rock
Retro rock
Country of origin United States
Location Detroit, MI
Official website

Small Stone Records is an American record label based in Detroit, MI. It was founded in 1995 by Scott Hamilton and is a self-dubbed "heavy rock" label.[1] The label has released a number of stoner rock compilation albums, as well as releases by Dozer, Five Horse Johnson, Los Natas, Halfway To Gone, Solace, and many others in the stoner rock, indie, blues-rock, and psychedelic genres.[2]


Small Stone Records was founded in Detroit, Michigan by Scott Hamilton in 1995, who remains owner and operator. Hamilton claims he mostly started the label to put out records by friends[1] and his favorite bands such as Big Chief, The Laughing Hyenas, Mule, and Slot.[3] Hamilton started the label with a $5000 loan and named it after the Small Stone effects pedal made by Electro-Harmonix.[2]

The label's first release was a single by 36-D, which had members of Big Chief, Born Without a Face, and Slot.[1] The label's first album release was a 1995 compilation titled Detroit Rust City, which sold 1,000 copies the first week, and featured Kid Rock[4] and Big Chief. Shortly afterward the label released Morsel's sophomore EP. In 1997 the label released an album by Perplexa, a band which included a member from WIG, who later went on to become West Indian Girl. Five Horse Johnson also signed to the label that year. The label initially featured a number of different rock genres but soon began focusing on the blues rock, psychedelic rock[3] and stoner rock genres,[5] and what Hamilton dubs "heavy rock."[4]

Besides albums by groups such as Acid King, Dozer, Greenleaf, and Los Natas,[1] the label has released a number of stoner rock compilations. The first, Right in the Nuts: A Tribute to Aerosmith, featured covers of Aerosmith, and was released in 2000.[4] In January 2002, the label released Sucking the 70s, a two disc collection of 1970s songs covered by stoner rock bands. In 2006, the label released the compilation Sucking the 70's - Back in the Saddle Again, which featured covers of various 1970s songs.[2]

According to Hamilton, early on the Small Stone bands relied on networking with other bands on the label to organize tours and musical projects.[4] In 2006, Small Stone began issuing the lost recordings of the band Slot, whose founder and guitarist had recently died. Remaining members of the band Sue Lott (bass) and Eddie Alterman (drums) were then joined by Phil Durr of Five Horse Johnson and Scott Hamilton on guitar to play at SXSW in the spring of 2007. The new reformation soon garnered Five Horse Johnson drummer Eric Miller, and formed the band Luder. Their first album, Sonoluminescence, was released on Small Stone in November 2009.[6] Reviews dubbed the style "grunge-gaze."[7]

The label continues to put out approximately 10 to 12 new releases a year.[2] Small Stone's newer bands, such as Lo-Pan, Backwoods Payback, and Freedom Hawk continue to maintain busy touring schedules.[8]

Beginning in February 2014, Small Stone Records entered into a distribution agreement with Alternative Distribution Alliance.



  • Honky
  • House of Broken Promises
  • Infernal Overdrive
  • Iota
  • Ironweed
  • It's Not Night: It's Space
  • Jeremy Irons & the Ratgang Malibus
  • LaChinga
  • Larman Clamor
  • Lo-Pan
  • Lord Fowl
  • Lord Sterling
  • Los Natas
  • Luder
  • Mangoo
  • Medusa Cyclone
  • Mellow Bravo
  • Mother of God
  • Milligram
  • Miss Lava
  • Mog Stunt Team
  • Morsel
  • Mos Generator
  • Neon Warship
  • Nightstalker
  • Novadriver

Release History[edit]

Year No. Artist[9] Title
1995 SS-001 Various (Kid Rock, Big Chief, etc.) Detroit Rust City
SS-002 Morsel EP
1996 SS-003 Wytchyker Aspelunker
1995 SS-004 36D Endomorphic Joy
1996 SS-005 Mog Stunt Team 555
SS-006 Five Horse Johnson Double Down
SS-007 Perplexa Perplexa
SS-008 Morsel I'm a Wreck
SS-00v3 Morsel Static (vinyl)
1997 SS-009 Various (Morsel, Wytchyker, Five Horse Johnson, Gravitar, Gondolier, Wiggle, Slot, 36D, etc.) Full Blast: Motion Picture Soundtrack
1998 SS-010 Perplexa This Glorious Forward
SS-011 Soul Clique Only One Division
1999 SS-012 Morsel Wrecked and Remixed
1998 SS-013 Five Horse Johnson Fat Black Pussy Cat
SS-014 Perplexa The Sun and the Moon Getting it On
1999 SS-015 Roundhead Creature Comfort
SS-016 Soul Clique Unification
SS-017 Various (Perplexa, Roundhead, Five Horse Johnson, Morsel, Big Chief, Mog Stunt Team, Soul Clique, etc.) Here: Small Stone Records Label Sampler
2000 SS-018 Various (The Atomic Bitchwax, Electric Frankenstein, The Quill, Solace, Los Natas, etc.) Right in the Nuts: A Tribute to Aerosmith
2001 SS-019 Puny Human Revenge is Easy
SS-020 Halfway to Gone High Five
2000 SS-021 Five Horse Johnson The No. 6 Dance
2001 SS-022 Novadriver Void
SS-023 Fireball Ministry FMEP
2004 SS-024 Gideon Smith and the Dixie Damned Southern Gentlemen
2002 SS-025 Morsel Para Siempre
SS-026 Medusa Cyclone Tangier
SS-027 Men of Porn Experiments in Feedback
SS-028 Los Natas Corsario Negro
SS-029 The Glasspack Powderkeg
SS-030 Halfway to Gone Second Season
SS-031 The Start S/T
SS-032 Various (Five Horse Johnson, Dixie Witch, Los Natas, The Mushroom River Band, Spirit Caravan, Black NASA, etc.) Sucking the 70s
SS-033 Tummler Early Man
2003 SS-034 Milligram This Is Class War
SS-035 Erik Larson The Resounding
SS-036 Puny Human It's Not the Heat, It's the Humanity
SS-037 Dixie Witch One Bird Two Stones
SS-038 Greenleaf Secret Alphabets
SS-039 Throttlerod Hell and High Water
2004 SS-040 Halfway to Gone Halfway to Gone
SS-041 The Glasspack Bridgeburner
2003 SS-042 Five Horse Johnson The Last Men on Earth
2002 SS-043 Dixie Witch Into the Sun (reissue)
2004 SS-044 Sasquatch Sasquatch
SS-045 Lord Sterling Today's Song for Tomorrow
SS-046 VALIS Head of Pills
SS-047 Men of Porn Wine, Women and Song...
SS-048 Acid King Busse Woods (reissue w/bonus tracks)
SS-049 Axehandle Axehandle
SS-050 Red Giant Devil Child Blues
SS-051 Throttlerod Starve the Dead
2005 SS-052 Sons of Otis X
SS-053 Bottom you'rNext
SS-054 Acid King Acid King III
SS-055 Novadriver Deeper High
SS-056 Honky Balls Out In
SS-057 Greatdayforup Flores de Sangre
SS-058 Erik Larson Faith, Hope, Love
SS-059 VALIS Champions of Magic (reissue)
2007 SS-060 Roadsaw Rawk N' Roll
2006 SS-061 Dozer Through the Eyes of Heathens
SS-062 Dixie Witch Smoke and Mirrors
SS-063 Throttlerod Nail
SS-064 Antler Nothing That a Bullet Couldn't Cure
SS-065 The Brought Low Right On Time
SS-066 Los Natas El Hombre Montana
2007 SS-067 Giant Brain Plume
2006 SS-068 Slot The Sweet Black Bear
SS-069 Five Horse Johnson The Mystery Spot
SS-070 Various (Alabama Thunderpussy, Dozer, Acid King, etc.) Sucking the 70's - Back in the Saddle Again
2007 SS-071 The Glasspack Dirty Women
2006 SS-072 Sasquatch II
2007 SS-073 Hackman The New Normal
SS-074 Greenleaf Agents of Ahriman
SS-075 Mos Generator Songs For Future Gods
SS-076 Puny Human Universal Freak Out
SS-077 Brain Police Beyond the Wasteland
2008 SS-078 A Thousand Knives Of Fire The Last Train to Scornsville
SS-079 Gideon Smith & the Dixie Damned South Side of the Moon
SS-080 Shame Club Come On
SS-081 Iota Tales
SS-082 Roadsaw See You In Hell
SS-083 Brain Police Brain Police
SS-084 Brain Police Electric Fungus
SS-085 Ironweed Indian Ladder
SS-086 Whitey Morgan and the 78's Honky Tonks and Cheap Motels
SS-087 Dozer Beyond Colossal
2009 SS-088 Sons of Otis Exiled
2008 SS-089 Hackman Enterprises
2009 SS-090 Giant Brain Thorn of Thrones
SS-091 VALIS Dark Matter
SS-092 Los Natas El Nuevo Orden De La Libertad
2010 SS-093 Solace A.D.
2009 SS-094 Sun Gods in Exile Black Light, White Lines
SS-095 Various (Van Conner, Screaming Trees, etc.) Northwest Mind Meld
SS-096 Throttlehead Pig Charmer
SS-097 Obiat Eye Tree Pi
SS-098 Tia Carrera The Quintessential
SS-099 House of Broken Promises Using the Useless
SS-100 Luder Sonoluminescence
2010 SS-101 Skånska Mord The Last Supper
SS-102 The Brought Low Third Record
SS-103 Sasquatch III
SS-104 All Time High Friends in High Places (remastered)
SS-105 Acid King The Early Years
SS-106 Gozu Locust Season
SS-107 Black Sleep of Kali Our Slow Decay
SS-108 Red Giant Dysfunctional Majesty
SS-109 Blackwolfgoat Dragonwizardsleeve
2011 SS-110 Lo-Pan Sasquanaut (remastered)
SS-111 Suplecs Mad Oak Redoux
SS-112 the Might Could S/T
SS-113 Roadsaw S/T
SS-114 Ironweed Your World Of Tomorrow on joint release with Magnetic Eye Records
SS-115 Tia Carrera Cosmic Priestess
SS-116 Lo-Pan Salvador
SS-117 Freedom Hawk Holding On
SS-118 Gideon Smith & the Dixie Damned 30 Weight
SS-119 Backwoods Payback Momantha
SS-120 Dixie Witch Let It Roll
2012 SS-121 Infernal Overdrive Last Rays Of The Dying Sun
SS-122 Dwellers Good Morning Harakiri
SS-123 Mangoo Neverland
SS-124 Sun Gods In Exile Thanks For The Silver
SS-125 Greenleaf Nest Of Vipers
SS-126 Mellow Bravo S/T
SS-127 Abrahma Through The Dusty Paths of Our Lives
SS-128 Sons of Otis Seismic
SS-129 Nightstalker Dead Rock Commandos
SS-130 Larman Clamor Frogs
SS-131 Skånska Mord Paths To Charon
SS-132 Lord Fowl Moon Queen
SS-133 Wo Fat The Black Code
2013 SS-134 Mother of God Anthropos
SS-135 Five Horse Johnson The Taking Of Blackheart
SS-136 Gozu The Fury Of A Patient Man
SS-137 Deville Hydra
SS-138 Sasquatch IV
SS-139 Supermachine Supermachine
SS-140 Isaak The Longer The Beard The Harder The Sound
SS-141 Miss Lava Red Supergiant
SS-142 Luder Adelphophagia
SS-144 Larman Clamor Alligator Heart
SS-145 Jeremy Irons & the Ratgang Malibus Bloom
2014 SS-146 The Socks The Socks
SS-147 Green Leaf Trails & Passes
SS-148 Dwellers Pagan Fruit
SS-149 Jeremy Irons & the Ratgang Malibus Spirit Knife
SS-150 Wo Fat The Conjuring

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