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SmartBear Software
Industry Computer software
Founded Texas (2003)
Headquarters Somerville, MA

SmartBear Software is a software company which provides tools for software developers, quality assurance engineers and IT professionals. SmartBear Software is the unification of AutomatedQA, Eviware, the original Smart Bear Software and Pragmatic Software.[1][2][3]


Currently, SmartBear provides code review, automated testing, performance/load testing, API testing, performance profiling and development management tools. These include:


An open source testing tool for web service and API testing. SoapUI is available as a free open source tool, but also includes a Pro version with more convenient features and full technical support.


A load testing tool for web services and APIs.


A new free tool for load testing, stress and performance testing of websites and web applications, released in April 2013.[4]


A peer code review tool that allows development teams to automate the manual process of code reviews with lightweight code collaboration. Collaborator gathers up files from version control, makes them available to reviewers, tracks conversations and defects on each line of code, and automatically collects metrics for reporting. Collaborator was awarded the Jolt Product Excellence Award in 2008.[5] Collaborator has been incorporated by organizations into their code review processes and has been documented by AMD having fairly positive results.[6]


An automated testing tool for Windows GUI testing, functional testing, regression testing, web testing, distributed testing, data-driven testing, manual testing, cross-browser testing and more. TestComplete has won numerous awards, including the 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Jolt Product Excellence Award.[7]

Additional tools for TestComplete: TestExecute and TestRecorder.

AlertSite UXM

An Application performance management platform with functionality for synthetic monitoring, real user monitoring, and Load testing for Web, Mobile and APIs. It is avilable as software as a service or on-premises.


LoadComplete, previously known as LoadUIWeb Pro, is a load testing tool for Web applications. LoadUIWeb Pro supports different application types and technologies, including Rich Internet Applications (Adobe Flash and Flex, AJAX, and Microsoft Silverlight).


ALMComplete was previously known as SoftwarePlanner and is a development and test management tool with capabilities to manage the software development lifecycle with requirements management, test case management, defect and project management from a single web-based interface. SoftwarePlanner has won numerous awards, including the 2008 Testers Choice Award for Best Commercial Test/Performance Solution, and the 2008 Jolt Award Finalist for Best Project Management Tool.


A test case management, requirements management and defect tracking tool. QAComplete enables QA teams to prioritize key test functions, re-use test libraries, account for risk, plan for coverage, and control test execution throughout a development lifecycle. QAComplete enhances team visibility and collaboration while reducing the need to create new test cases. QAComplete enables comprehensive test planning and test execution coverage, and provides the ability for development teams to collaborate, track project progress and report on requirements, test cases and defects. Teams can organize and track requirements, and link any defects discovered back to the original requirement and test case providing end-to-end traceability.

QAComplete originates from ALMComplete and are based on the same single, Web-based platform.


A performance profiling tool to report on how programs perform during execution for .NET and Windows applications. Details all performance issues, memory leaks and resource leaks within source code.AQtime has won numerous awards, including a 16th Annual Jolt Productivity Award.

Automated BuildStudio

Automated Build Studio was a build and release management system that provided automation of the software development build, test and release processes. ABS's end of life was officially April 14, 2014. Support for current customers will continue until December 2016.


SmartBear has published articles and presented talks through secondary media outlets on peer code review advice.[8][9]

As part of its marketing campaign and peer code review promotion, SmartBear offers a free book entitled "Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review" written by Jason Cohen, Smart Bear's founder. The book includes arguments for the use of peer code review, advice, and case studies and has been referenced by independent writers and software engineers.[10][11]


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