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Operating system Cross-platform
License LGPL

SmartClient is an Ajax framework created by Isomorphic Software. First released in 2001, SmartClient was integrated into products from the software vendors including Informatica and Wily/CA[citation needed]. Since November 2007, SmartClient was available free under an open source LGPL licence. It is also available under a commercial licence.

As of June 2013, the released version was 9.0.


Isomorphic Software was founded in 1998 as Althem Corporation, and changed its name in 2001.[1] SmartClient provides:

  • a set of GUI components, intended to allow applications to be developed without directly editing HTML or using low-level Ajax techniques
  • support for many server platforms via integration with WSDL/ RESTful web services, in XML and JSON formats, directly from the browser, as well as support for Java-based servers
  • metadata-driven components which can bind to metadata formats such as XML schema, allowing a shared client-server data model with extensible types, validation rules and editing constraints
  • Service-oriented architecture for new applications, as well as incremental enhancement of existing web applications via embedding SmartClient components inside existing HTML/CSS layouts
  • Client-server integration: SmartClient browser-based applications interact with remote data and services via background communication channels. Background requests retrieve chunks of data rather than new HTML pages, and update visual components in place rather than rebuilding the entire user interface.


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