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SmartSVN Professional 6.6 on Windows 7
SmartSVN Professional 6.6 on Windows 7
Developer(s) WANdisco Plc (from 2005 to 2012: Syntevo GmbH)
Stable release 8.6.2 / November 18, 2014; 35 days ago (2014-11-18)
Written in Java
Operating system Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Available in English only
Type Subversion client
License Proprietary

SmartSVN is a cross-platform Apache Subversion client. It is written in Java and runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. SmartSVN was developed from 2005 by the German company Syntevo GmbH, which sold it to WANdisco in 2012.


SmartSVN's main user interface is similar to those of typical file managers (such as Windows Explorer) in that it has a directory tree on the left and a file table on the right. However, by default the file table is fully recursive, i.e. it shows not only the files inside the directory that is currently selected in the directory tree, but also all files in sub-directories of the selected directory.

SmartSVN makes extensive use of file-manager concepts such as dialogs, wizards and drag & drop, through which all common versioning tasks (committing, branching, etc.) as well as higher-level operations not directly provided by SVN (e.g. management of tags and branches) can be performed.

SmartSVN comes bundled with numerous features that are frequently needed in conjunction with version control. Thus, unlike command-line based tool chains, the program can be used 'out of the box' without requiring the user to install and set up additional tools. These bundled features include:

  • A file diff viewer that shows two text files side by side, highlights the differences between them and allows editing the files.
  • A so-called 'conflict solver', which is basically a three-files version of the file diff viewer. It is used for resolving merge conflicts.
  • A built-in SSH client.

A notable feature is the so-called Transaction view, which essentially works like a "commit inbox", i.e. it automatically gathers and displays new commits from an arbitrary number of watched repositories, thereby providing the user with an overview of the latest changes in his or her favorite repositories.


SmartSVN is available in two different editions: SmartSVN Foundation which can be used free of charge, even for commercial purposes and SmartSVN Professional. The xMerge add-on supports merging of renamed or moved files and is available for SmartSVN Professional up to version 6.6.


WANdisco acquired SmartSVN from Syntevo in September 2012 . As of 2012, the software had been adopted by developers across more than 2,500 companies, and was recording more than 10,000 downloads a month.[1] WANdisco is a major corporate sponsor of the Subversion project. In 2009 it hired core Subversion committers, and in 2010 hired Subversion release manager Hyrum Wright to lead its efforts with the Subversion project.[2]

The company sponsors an SVN Forum with sections on community news, Subversion, and SmartSVN.[3] In a comparative review of the most popular SVN clients by the Subversion hosting service Assembla, SmartSVN was ranked second overall. It was the only client to receive a rating of five stars for Linux and the only client to receive five stars for both Windows and Mac OS. It was cited for features, ease of use, and documentation.[4]

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