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Smart Crew is a graffiti crew from Queens, NY, that was formed by SYCO13, MEY (Meyhem Lauren) and LUK around 1997. Throughout the years, the crew has acquired members and has become a collective of various artists including DCEVE, KORN, Action Bronson, NEV1 and MARTY. Their crew logo consists of an Old English style "S" with the image of a graduation cap on top.

They are known for their public art on trucks, walls and stickers seen all over the world. The crew is also known for their territorial wars in New York with the street artist Banksy.[1][2]

Smart Crew was interviewed by the Art of Rolling Magazine[3] and Bombin Magazine.[4] Smart Crew is also known for giving back to NYC by setting up donations boxes during the 2008 holiday season in New York City.[5] They have also contributed to Mass Appeal Magazine, the book "Autograf by Peter Sutherland" (ISBN 1-57687-203-3), and the BET Hip Hop Awards. Overall, their goal is to keep graffiti fun and on the streets. Very rarely would you see any of the members exhibiting their works in a gallery setting.



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