Smart Money (1986 film)

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Smart Money was a BBC film made in 1986 which was written by Matthew Jacobs and directed by Bernard Rose. It starred Spencer Leigh, Bruce Payne and Richard Borthwick.


The film is a comedy thriller about computer fraud. Leon, a computer hacker, and Freak, a programmer, team up with Fast Eddie, a video games expert, to get revenge on Lawrence McNeice, who framed Leon for a computer fraud he didn't commit.


Although the movie received mixed to negative reviews,[citation needed] it is notable for its highly accurate computer hacking scenes, using authentic software instead of mock-up graphics.


  • Richard Borthwick as Mr. Kyle
  • Sean Edwards as Freak
  • Spencer Leigh as Leon
  • Bruce Payne as Lawrance MacNiece
  • Alexandra Pigg as Fast Eddie

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