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A Smarties wrapper containing the candy.

In the United States, Smarties are a type of artificially fruit-flavored tablet candy produced by Smarties Candy Company, since 1949. They are marketed in Canada under the brand name Rockets, to avoid confusion with Nestlé Smarties. They are similar to the English Fizzers from Swizzels Matlow.[citation needed] In 1949, the brother of the chairman of Swizzels Matlow travelled to the US and established Ce De Candy, Inc. (now known as Smarties Candy Company). The candies bear a strong resemblance to tablet-style pills in shape and texture. One individual candy is in the shape of a cylinder with a diameter of roughly 1 cm and a height of roughly 4 mm. Larger ones have a diameter of 2.5 cm and are about 6 mm thick. Both sizes are concave. There are 25 calories and six grams of sugar in a roll of Smarties.[1] Ingredients include: dextrose (may contain corn syrup solids and/or maltodextrin), citric acid, calcium stearate, artificial flavors, colors.

Smarties come in combinations of colors within their wrapped rolls. These include white and pastels yellow, pink, orange, purple, and green. Each color's flavor is different.[2] They are usually packaged as a roll of 15 candies wrapped in PVC. Because each package is small and inexpensive, they are often bought in bulk for occasions such as parties, parades, or Halloween.

Flavors and tastes[edit]

An array of different colored Smarties.

Smarties Candy Company produces "extreme sour" and/or "tropical" varieties of Smarties. Each package contains an assortment of pastel colors: white, yellow, pink, green, purple, and orange. The flavor of each color is as follows: White is orange/cream, yellow is pineapple, pink is cherry, green is strawberry, purple is grape, and orange is orange.[3]

Regional variations[edit]

Comparison of USA vs Canadian produced Smarties.

Smarties produced by Smarties Candy Company Union Township, Union County, New Jersey, plant have a slightly different taste than those produced by their Newmarket, Ontario, plant. Canadian candies (branded as Rockets) generally taste stronger, with more noticeable differences between the various color flavors. Some people believe that they say "Made in Canada" on the label after the list of ingredients. Canadian-made Smarties are imported into the US - typically, these Canadian Smarties are most commonly seen around Halloween, imported only when the US production is not sufficient for demand. These actually say "Made in Canada" under one of the main Smarties logos on the wrapper. These Canadian-made Smarties have a slightly smoother look to them than US production - the US produced ones tend to have more colored "specks" present in them. US produced are also somewhat harder/crunchier than Canada produced.

Ce De Candy's Canadian plant also produces varietal Smarties flavors and sizes, such as the "extreme sour" flavor as well as "candy money" which are larger tablets with monetary amounts etched into them such as 1 cent, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, $1, $5, and $10.[4] A new variety of Smarties, in which each piece is roughly the size of an American or Canadian quarter, are sold in single rolls. Although labeled simply as "Smarties", the candies are referred to as "Mega Smarties" by distributors and merchants.

Klik Smarties / Rockets Dispenser[edit]

A Klik Smarties Dispenser or Klik Rockets Dispenser (trademarked KLIK in caps) dispense Smarties or Rockets candies, in a way very similar to a Pez dispenser. Known variants of these dispensers include the Easter Bunny, an orange fruit with sunglasses and a smile, a red robot, and copyrighted characters such as Spider-Man and Mario.

These dispensers hold U.S. Patent 5,785,206. The dispensers are made in China, and distributed by Regal Confections in Canada. They are recommended only for children three years of age or older.


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