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Smartlogic Semaphore
Type Private
Industry Information retrieval
Founded 2006
Headquarters US[UK]
Area served Global
Products Semaphore

Smartlogic is a software company. Smartlogic specialises in information retrieval and Text analytics software concentrating on adding semantic capabilities to enterprise search and content management systems. The Smartlogic Content Intelligence platform is called Semaphore.

Smartlogic was founded in 2006. Smartlogic has offices in San Jose, CA, Washington, DC, and London, UK. The company was founded on the idea[1] of using controlled vocabularies such as taxonomies[2] and ontologies to drive automatic classification of information as well as search navigation. This approach delivers user Findability, enhances an information asset with metadata according to a standard, improves the accuracy of search and enables content integration.

The company's product - Semaphore is agnostic to[clarification needed] the search engines, content management or workflow systems that the client has deployed and seeks to augment and enhance these existing investments. Semaphore is used by organisations that need to harness the information asset. Example users include NASA, National Health Service, RBS, Bank of America and Office of Public Sector Information.[citation needed]

The product is fully integrated with Microsoft Sharepoint,[3] Google Search Appliance,[4] Apache Solr, FAST ESP[5] and many other information management platforms.

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