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Developer(s) Smashball Labs
Distributor(s) Steam
Engine Source Engine
Release date(s)

    Smashball is a mod for the video game Half-Life 2.

    A beta version was released in December 2008.[1] The game was publicly released in June 2009.[2][3]


    There are four different positions that players can play in Smashball. Each one has different ballhandling, movement, and combat characteristics. Some positions are more suitable for certain roles than others: for instance, if players try to score as a Fullback, they're going to have a hard time of it.

    A team can consist of any mix of Forwards, Halfbacks, and Fullbacks, but they may only have one Goalie on the field at a time.[4] The forward is the fastest moving player, with the highest shot speed. His primary functions are to move the ball and take shots. He is also the least resilient.[5] The halfback is the heavier of the two offensive positions. They aren't quite as fast as the Forward, but they have more combat endurance and they can hold on to the ball better.[6] The fullback's main role is to fight the Forwards.[7] The Goalie is the most powerful position in the game. The goalie has the most damaging weapons and is the strongest in physical combat. He also has the largest block radius, helping him to stop shots if he remains vigilant. Unlike the other positions, there can be only one goalie per team.[8]


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