Smbat II of Armenia

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For other people of the same name, see Smbat (disambiguation).
Smbat II Bagratuni, King of Armenia, and his junior brother Gurgen I, King of Lori

Smbat II Tiezerakal (Armenian: Սմբատ Բ Տիեզերակալ) reigned as King of Armenia from 977 to 989. He was the son of Ashot III, whom he succeeded.


Smbat ruled from the city of Ani, which he fortified. In particular, he ordered the construction of a wall around Ani, also building towers and fortifications to protect the city from north to west. He began the construction of the Cathedral of Ani. His reign was generally a time of peace, only disturbed by conflict between Smbat and his uncle Moushegh in Kars. Smbat inspired contention with the Armenian Church when he married his own niece, which the church strongly opposed. King Smbat died in 989, while the architect, Trdat, by order of the king, had started laying the foundations of the cathedral of Ani. This building is still standing today, and with its unique style and simple decorations, is regarded as one of the masterpieces of Armenian architecture. Smbat II was buried in Ani and, as he did not have any male issue, was succeeded by his brother Gagik I.


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Preceded by
Ashot III
King of Armenia
(Bagratid Kingdom of Armenia)

Succeeded by
Gagik I