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Smint is a type of minty candy. Every Smint candy has a triangular shape with an engraved "S".


Smint produce three different products in a variety of flavours. Micro Mints come in three different size packets, the smaller containing 40 pastilles and the larger containing 75 or 100. Smint Micro Mints are available in the following flavours: mint, spearmint, peppermint, extra strong, lemon, wildberry, blackberry, mild fresh mint and winter ice. Smint is also available in variations that are claimed to whiten teeth in two flavors: fresh mint and strawberry. The larger packets containing 100 pastilles are only available in mint, spearmint and mild fresh mint. Smint XL Mints are 3 times bigger than the original Smint Micro Mint. They have a double layer and come in a tin box containing 50 mints. Smint XL mints are available in the following flavours: Peppermint, spearmint, strawberry and black mint. Smint Gum is available in four flavors: fresh mint, strong mint, strawberry and blackberry.


Smint mini-mint pastilles were the first product from Spanish multinational Chupa Chups S.A designed for an adult market. In the 1990s Chupa Chups targeted adult customers wanting a sugar free product. After four years of development, Smint was introduced to the market in 1994 as a subsidiary brand.

After Perfetti Van Melle's acquisition of Chupa Chups, Smint is now the lickable version of the company's competitor Mentos.

Main ingredients[edit]

Aspartame, Xylitol, flavoring, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, and phenylalanine are used to make Smint. It has been demonstrated to have a plaque-reducing effect by attracting and starving the sucrose-seeking micro-organisms that cause tooth decay. The packaging further lists hydrogenated cottonseed oil, which is a transfat with health implications.

Smint has been endorsed by Toothfriendly, an international dental ratings organization.

Smint & gum[edit]

Each piece is composed of one layer of chewing gum and another of Smint candy. Smint & Gum is available in the following flavors: fresh mint & strong mint, strawberry and blackberry; in blister packs containing 8 pieces or in a bottle containing 40 pieces.


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