Smith & Wesson Governor

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Smith & Wesson Governor
Smith and Wesson Governor with accessories.jpg
Smith & Wesson Governor, with a speed loader, loaded with 45 Colt, a moon clip loaded with 45 ACP, and six Federal 2-1/2 inch '000' buckshot shells, as well as hearing protection.
Type Revolver
Place of origin  United States
Production history
Manufacturer Smith & Wesson
Produced N/A-present [1]
Weight 29.6 oz (840 g) [1]
Length 8.5 in (22 cm) [1]
Barrel length 2.75 in (7.0 cm) [1]
Width 5.5 in (14 cm) [1]
Height 1.75 in (4.4 cm) [1]

Cartridge .410 bore
.45 ACP
.45 Colt [1]
Feed system 6-round cylinder [1]

The Smith & Wesson Governor is a snub-nosed double action revolver built on the Z-frame (similar to a stretched N-Frame) with a lightweight alloy frame similar to the Taurus Judge. It can fire 2-1/2 inch .410 shotgun shells, .45 Colt, and .45 ACP (through the use of supplied moon clips due to the lack of a rim on the auto pistol cartridges).[2]

Rear sights are fixed (similar to those found on small J-Framed .38 Special and .357 Magnum as well as medium-sized K-frame service revolvers) The front sights on both the standard and crimson trace models feature a tritium night sight that is drift adjustable for windage corrections. It holds six rounds and due to the wide selection of cartridges can be loaded in a "Mix six" fashion.[3]

For most users that own the Governor for a close-range defensive handgun, the Federal 2-1/2 inch '000' buckshot load is preferred along with the standard .45 handgun cartridges. Hornady has recently released a "Critical Defense" .410 round designed for handguns with a projectile stack consisting of two .35 caliber round balls topped with one non-jacketed slug. This round is rapidly gaining popularity with Governor owner's as a self-defense round.[4]

The handgun, while large, is very lightweight (under 30 ounces unloaded).[3]


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