Smith & Wesson Model 1026

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The Smith & Wesson model 1026 is a recoil operated DA/SA semi-automatic self-loading handgun chambered in the 10mm Auto cartridge.


The gun is constructed of stainless steel, a 5 in (127 mm) barrel and a 9 round single column magazine. It has no safety, and instead has a frame-mounted decocking lever. Internal safeties are a magazine disconnect and firing pin block. Factory single action mode trigger pull is about 5.5 lbf (24 N)[citation needed]. It is available with fixed or adjustable sights.


Virginia State Police From 1990 to 1993[citation needed]. Replaced by SIG Sauer P228 9mm

In 1990 the VSP contracted with S&W for 2200 pistols, and by July 1990 they had received the entire order. The Model 1026 was identical to the FBI's Model 1076 but with a 5 inch barrel instead of a 4.25 inch barrel. See 1986 FBI Miami shootout for more information.[1]


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