Smith & Wesson Model 17

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Smith & Wesson Model 17
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Smith & Wesson Model 17 K-22 revolver
Type Double action revolver
Place of origin  USA
Production history
Manufacturer Smith & Wesson
Variants Model 617
Length 1947
Barrel length 6 in (150 mm)

Cartridge .22 Long Rifle
Action Double action revolver
Feed system 6 round (Model 17) or 10 round (Model 617) cylinder

The Smith and Wesson Model 17 is a six shot double action revolver chambered for .22 LR. It is built on the company's medium sized K-frame.


Smith & Wesson's Models 16 and 17 have their origins with the company's Pre-World War 2 Hand Ejector series in the 1930s. These 2 revolver models debuted as Companion pieces known as the Models K-22 and K-32 after World War 2. The K-32 Masterpiece (Model 16) debuted in 1935 and was chambered in .32 S&W Long caliber. Production ceased during World War 2 and the revolver was reintroduced in 1947 with the K-22 Masterpiece (Model 17.32 S&W Long caliber.[1]

The Model 16 was dropped from production in 1983 due to the declining popularity of the .32 S&W Long caliber and the Model 17 was discontinued in 1998 as the company focussed less on blued steel revolvers at the time.[1]


The Model 17 has an adjustable rear sight and a ramp style front sight with an orange insert. It was designed as a target revolver and originally made use of Magna Grips that werre developed to cushion the recoil of the .357 Magnum cartridge.[2]


Model 18[edit]

The Smith & Wesson Model 18 (or the 22 Combat Masterpiece) is a 4-inch barreled, double action revolver, with adjustable open sights, chambered for the .22 long rifle designed as a training weapon for law enforcement officials and others who carried .38 Special and larger caliber revolvers because the Model 18 operates and handles in a similar fashion, but uses low-recoiling and inexpensive .22 rimfire ammunition. It was discontinued in 1985.[3]

Model 48[edit]

The Smith & Wesson Model 48 is a Model 17 chambered in .22 Winchester Rimfire Magnum. It was introduced in 1969 and manufactured until 1986.[3]

Model 53[edit]

In the late 1950's there was considerable interest in the shooting community for revolvers chambered in various .22 caliber wildcat cartridges. Smith & Wesson sought to take advantage of this by unveiling a cartridge known as the .22 remington CFM (Centerfire Magnum) cartridge or the .22 Jet and chambered a version of the Model 17 in this caliber designating it the Model 53.[3]

The Model 53 was manufactured from 1960 to 1974.[3]

Model 617[edit]

The Model 617, which is chambered for either six or ten rounds and features 4" or 6" full underlug barrel is a Model 17 made from stainless steel.[4]

Present State[edit]

The Model 17 was discontinued in 1998, but in 2009 was reintroduced as the Model 17 Masterpiece.[3]


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