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A hiking trail at Smith Park

Smith Park is a park in Middletown, Connecticut, USA, which was acquired by the town in 1974. It is located on the north side of Country Club Road in Middletown. It has 50 acres (200,000 m2) of land that include ball fields, a playground, hiking trails, horseshoe pits, shuffleboards, and a pavilion.

Permission can be obtained from the Middletown Park and Recreation Commission to host a family outing or company picnic at the pavilion, though handicapped access is limited. The park is closed at sunset and the gates are locked.

There is a wetland meadow that has shrubs like silky dogwood, winterberry, buttonbush, and Northern highbush blueberry. In the center of the woodland there is a small pond.


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Coordinates: 41°34′01″N 72°42′54″W / 41.567°N 72.715°W / 41.567; -72.715