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Dipping tobacco is placed directly in the mouth.
1894 Kinetoscope of Fred Ott taking a snuff and then sneezing, taken by Thomas Edison's laboratory.

Smokeless tobacco is tobacco or a tobacco product that is used by means other than smoking. These uses include chewing, sniffing, placing the product between the teeth and gum, or application to the skin. Types of smokeless tobacco include:

  • Dipping tobacco, a type of tobacco that is placed between the lower or upper lip and gums
  • Chewing tobacco, a type of tobacco that is chewed
  • Iqmik, an Alaskan tobacco product which also contains punk ash
  • Snuff, a type of tobacco that is inhaled or "snuffed" into the nasal cavity
  • Snus, similar to dipping tobacco, however, without the need for spitting
  • Creamy snuff, a fluid tobacco mixture marketed as a dental hygiene aid, albeit used for recreation
  • Naswar, an Afghan tobacco product similar to dipping tobacco
  • Tobacco gum, a kind of chewing gum containing tobacco
  • Gutka, a mixture of tobacco, areca nut, and various flavoring sold in South Asia
  • Dissolvable tobacco, a variation on chewing tobacco that completely dissolves in the mouth
  • Toombak and shammah, preparations found in North Africa, East Africa, and the Arabian peninsula

The following products are used to treat bee stings and as an insecticide, respectively.

Smokeless tobacco products vary extensively worldwide in both form and health hazards, with some evidently toxic forms such as from South Asia, and some forms with less hazards such as from Sweden.[1]

Increased Use[edit]

Due to a loophole in many states tobacco laws, in particular laws which ban the use of tobacco in locations where people congregate, or on public transportation; smokeless tobacco has seen an upswing in sales. This is due primarily to the fact that these laws specifically outlaw smoking, but either make no mention of smokeless tobacco, or are vague on the manner in which it is covered. Thus, users argue that while smokers are prevented from using in certain areas, they are exempt from this prohibition. There is some validity to this argument, found primarily in Greyhound_Lines rules; these rules state, in part, that vapor cigarettes (E-cigs), pipes, and cigarettes are forbidden, but allow smokeless users to dip/chew so long as they dispose of their spit in a clean manner.

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