Smokey & Miho

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Smokey & Miho
Genres Samba, bossa nova
Years active 2001–2003
Past members Miho Hatori
Smokey Hormel

Smokey & Miho was a musical group named after lead vocalists Miho Hatori and Smokey Hormel, (Los Angeles, CA). Hatori collaborated with Hormel after leaving the group Cibo Matto. The group released two EPs and later released a compilation album, The Two EPs, which was composed of the two previously released EPs.

Band information[edit]

  • Miho Hatori: Vocals
  • Smokey Hormel: Guitars, Vocals
  • Jon Birdsong: Horns
  • Mauro Refosco: Percussion
  • Joey Waronker: Drums
  • Don Falzone: Bass
  • Ganda: Vocals



  • Smokey & Miho (2002)
  • Tempo De Amor (2002)