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Smokey Valley Truck Stop (Restaurant) is a hometown restaurant in the town of Olive Hill, Kentucky located in Carter County. This charming establishment in fact is not a truck stop and is not located in the Smokey Valley area.

Brief history[edit]

Smokey Valley did in fact start out as a traditional truck stop and diner. The owner, Juanita Flannery, took a chance and decided to shut down the gas pumps of the truck stop itself, leave the diner, and keep the name. They are known for this fact. The gas pumps are obviously large in size. There are two of them in the front area of the diner. Most customers use this area as parking places when the diner is at its busiest.

Notable achievements[edit]

Smokey Valley Truck Stop was featured in the Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with host Guy Fieri. The story of Smokey Valley being featured on television was covered by many local news stations including: WSAZ station broadcasting out of Huntington, WV; The Daily Independent newspaper printed in Ashland, KY; and also The Herald Dispatch newspaper printed in Huntington, WV.

Menu and popular items[edit]

Smokey Valley Truck stop has several kinds of food to offer. The breakfast items that they are most known for are the sausage and biscuits and their biscuits and gravy. When it comes to sandwiches their Smokey Valley Burger towers above the rest. This large sandwich is a staple of Smokey Valley Truck Stop. Finally, their most famous item on their menu is the Coconut Cream Pie. This item was heavily focused on in the episode of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. The price range of all the items on their menu is very reasonable. They range from 0–$10 a person (on average).


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