Smoko at the Pet Food Factory

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Smoko at the Pet Food Factory
Studio album by Frenzal Rhomb
Released Australia19 August 2011
Recorded Colorado, USA
Genre Pop punk
Punk rock
Skate punk
Melodic hardcore
Length 26:40
Label Shock Records Fat Wreck Chords
Producer Bill Stevenson
Frenzal Rhomb chronology
Forever Malcolm Young
Smoko at the Pet Food Factory

Smoko at the Pet Food Factory is a 2011 album by the Australian punk band Frenzal Rhomb. It was recorded in Colorado, USA, with Bill Stevenson as producer and was released in Australia on Shock Records on August 19, and in the USA on Fat Wreck Chords on October 11.

The album's name is a double reference: in Australia, a smoko is a popular term for a short, informal cigarette break and Bill Stevenson's Blasting Room studio where the album was recorded is located next to a pet food processing factory (the smell of which permeates the surrounding area, making the band members' smoke breaks particularly hard to enjoy as vegans).

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Bird Attack"- 1:15
  2. "Mummy Doesn't Know You're a Nazi"- 1:23
  3. "5000 Cigarettes"- 1:40
  4. "Cockroach Light Switch"- 1:26
  5. "Knuckleheads"- 2:18
  6. "Just Because It's Soap Doesn't Mean It's Clean"- 1:37
  7. "My Dearest Friend"- 0:54
  8. "Back to the Suburbs"- 2:10
  9. "Edward Sausage Fangs"- 2:32
  10. "Alvarez"- 1:48
  11. "Hungry Jacks Carpark"- 1:48
  12. "Snouts in the Trough"- 1:28
  13. "Dead Celebrity"- 1:53
  14. "Metrognome"- 1:22
  15. "When My Baby Smiles at Me I Go to Rehab"- 1:04
  16. "The Rude Tourist"- 2:11

Film clips and singles[edit]

Two promo-only videos and singles were made for the album. They were:

  1. Bird Attack
  2. When My Baby Smiles at Me I Go to Rehab