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Smurfing is a term that originated with vernacular used by the fictional characters known as The Smurfs. While speaking, Smurfs tend to replace a verb with some form of the word "smurf" (example: "I feel like smurfing some bread," instead of, "I feel like eating some bread").

It may also refer to:

  • Structuring, a practice where transactions such as money transfers or drug purchases are conducted repeatedly in small amounts to avoid suspicion
  • Smurfing in networking, also known as a Smurf attack
  • In online gaming, smurfing happens when a player of a certain skill level will play under another person's or secondary account to appear to be a lower rank or skill level.[1]
  • Smurfing is a term law enforcement and illicit drug distributors use to refer to the hiring of individuals to purchase pseudoephedrine. These individuals buy up to the limit permitted by law (typically a monthly limit, as in the United States) in order to avoid arousing suspicion, but then pool their purchases in order to exceed the legal limit. This is done in order to facilitate the manufacture of illicit drugs such as methamphetamine.[2]

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