Snabrough broch

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Snabrough Broch
A picture of the present-day site
Location Shetland, Scotland
Coordinates 60°42′12.36″N 0°57′40.85″W / 60.7034333°N 0.9613472°W / 60.7034333; -0.9613472Coordinates: 60°42′12.36″N 0°57′40.85″W / 60.7034333°N 0.9613472°W / 60.7034333; -0.9613472
Area Shetland Islands
Architectural style(s) British pre-Roman Architecture
Snabrough broch is located in Shetland
Snabrough broch
Snabrough broch shown within Shetland

Snabrough broch is a ruined broch located on the island of Unst in Shetland, which is part of northern Scotland.[1] It overlooks Snabrough Loch, south of Burragarth and is about 0.5 kilometres (0.31 mi) east of Bluemull Sound.

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