Snake River Canyon (Wyoming)

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For the area known as Snake River Canyon in southern Idaho, see Snake River Canyon (Idaho).
Coordinates: 43°10′28″N 111°00′04″W / 43.17444°N 111.00111°W / 43.17444; -111.00111
Snake River Canyon/Grand Canyon
Snake River at Alpine, Wyoming.jpg
Snake River near Alpine, Wyoming
Country United States
State Wyoming
County Lincoln
 - elevation 5,800 ft (1,768 m)
 - coordinates 43°13′56″N 110°46′43″W / 43.23222°N 110.77861°W / 43.23222; -110.77861 [1]
Mouth Alpine, Wyoming
 - elevation 5,640 ft (1,719 m) [1]
 - coordinates 43°10′28″N 111°00′04″W / 43.17444°N 111.00111°W / 43.17444; -111.00111 [1]

The Snake River Canyon (also known as the Grand Canyon) is formed by the Snake River in western Wyoming south of Jackson Hole.[2]

The Snake River Canyon along US26/89 near Hoback Junction, Wyoming

At the southern end of this canyon is the town of Alpine, Wyoming where the Snake River meets the Greys River and the Salt River at Palisades Reservoir on the Wyoming-Idaho border. It is a popular destination for rafting trips and is known for having some of the best white-water rafting in the United States. Running through the canyon is Highway 89.


The Snake River cuts through a fold and thrust belt on its way from Hoback, Wyoming to Alpine, Wyoming. The North American Plate has pushed against the Farallon Plate to create many geologic features including the folds and thrusts visible in the Snake River Canyon in Wyoming.

Fold and thrust in the Snake River Canyon


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