Snakebite (drink)

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  • Without ice
Standard drinkware
Pint Glass (Mixing).svg
Pint glass
Commonly used ingredients
  • One part beer
  • One part cider
Preparation Mix in equal volumes in a standard pint glass.

A Snakebite is an alcoholic drink made with equal parts of lager or stout[1] and (hard) cider.[2]

Snakebite is a popular drink in the United Kingdom[1] where it is made with lager and may be served with a dash of blackcurrant squash, which is referred to as a snakebite and black.[3] Stout may be used instead of lager when the drink is served in the United States.[1]

Snakebite and black (with blackcurrant) is also known by the name Diesel.[3][4] This drink is historically popular in student union bars. A particularly strong variant involves a double measure of vodka poured into the drink; this is known as a turbo diesel. Though Snakebites are usually served mixed, some drinkers prefer to float the beer on top of the cider.[citation needed]

Even if the beer and the cider are perfectly clear before being mixed, the resulting drink will often be cloudy unless it was made with a dry cider.[citation needed]

Availability in the UK[edit]

A Snakebite is typically served in pint servings. UK licensing laws make half-pint servings difficult, as the two main ingredients would have to be dispensed in strictly controlled quarter-pint servings.[citation needed] In June 2001, former US President Bill Clinton was refused a Snakebite when he ordered one at the Old Bell Tavern in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.[5] A manager of the pub, Jamie Allen, stated: "It's illegal to serve it here in the UK, you see."[6]

Serving a Snakebite from separate cider and lager taps or bottles is not illegal in the UK,[7] despite sources which suggest otherwise. It is often said that the illegality arises due to mixing two drinks with differing alcohol contents, but this makes the Snakebite no different from a cocktail.