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Snap as a dance move is a brisk, abrupt body/head/arm/hand action varying in style in different dances. It may involve body ripple (body wave), abrupt turn of the head, hip motion, etc. Not to be confused with the Hip hop style of Snap dance, which is based on finger snapping.

Snap is mostly seen as a stylistic embellishment of the dance and often used at the moments of changing of the direction of movement/rotation.

  • In Salsa, head snaps are a notable part of lady's styling.
  • In Electric Slide, "snap" is an action on a specified beat in a variant of step pattern description.
  • Breakdancing

Head snaps in Tango[edit]

In ballroom Tango, International Style, head snaps or head flicks are a characteristic element of its staccato style, as distinguished from, e.g., Argentine tango. For example, a sharp head snap is an advanced action in the Promenade Link figure (the basic description says: "lady turns her head to the right").