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Older-style unstructured snapback hat
Newer-style structured snapback hat

Snapback (British English: flat peak) is an urban slang term for an adjustable flat brim baseball cap. All other design elements are identical to modern, fitted, flat-billed caps as worn by professional baseball players. Snapbacks are less expensive than fitted baseball caps, and have become increasingly trendy in young urban fashion.

Although trucker hats and other types of adjustable baseball caps may be sold with pre-bent brims, usually with a mesh back section, these are not typically called "snapbacks" in urban slang. The brim is often left unbent in popular culture.

Youth culture and hip hop fashion popularised the hat, although it is now popular among many groups and ages.


There are multiple forms of the snapback hat itself:

  • Velcroback – The velcroback is the identical to a classic snapback with the exception of a velcro back.
  • StrapBack – The strapback hat is almost identical to a snapback hat, the only difference being it is fitted with a belt-like strap on the back-side of the cap. This form of the hat has become fairly common in recent years
  • Five Panel – A Five Panel can have a strap fasten, velcro, or buckle at the back. Instead of consisting of six stitched panels, they are only made of five larger panels, giving it a more "boxed" look. The design of this hat is very similar to a trucker hat.