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Industry Digital Publishing
Tablet Publications
Founded 2011
Headquarters Cape Town, London, New York
Services Digital Publishing, DRM[disambiguation needed] Tools, eReader Software

Snapplify is a digital publishing solutions provider that was launched in 2011 at the Frankfurt Book Fair.[1] It is based in South Africa, with offices in London and New York and partners in Australia, Europe, North America, and Africa.[2] Snapplify provide tablet and mobile applications as well as browser based web readers to publishers and content producers who want to sell their content digitally.[3] Their apps have built in readers that allow app users to read or access the content without being concerned whether their device can support the content type. These apps have enabled publishers to sell content to Android and iOS users,[4] as well as to PC and Mac users via their browsers. Their latest venture has been to supply the Academic Industry with a digital publishing solution that includes Educational Tools within mobile applications best suited to enhance the educational aspect of the content.[5]

How it works[edit]

Publishers and content producers can choose to digitally publish and sell their content via their own eBook store from a mobile app with their own branding, or from a web store accessible on PCs and Macs. The Snapplify eReader enables users to immediately access and read the content they have purchased. Users can buy vouchers or subscribe on the publishers private website and simply login to the Snapplify app or purchase single items or subscriptions of content directly within the app. The web store works the same as the mobile app, subscriptions and all purchases made are accessible across both mobile and web store as all user purchases are tied to the user profile.


Digital Store[edit]

Snapplify provides clients with a mobile (app) or web-based store from which to sell their digital books, newspapers, and magazines. Clients can add content themselves via the online CMS platform that Snapplify runs on. Content is immediately available for purchase and downloading by users. Users can view free content, or purchase single titles or subscriptions and immediately view them on the provided eReader, available on both mobile and web. Users login with a username and password to access content on a subscription, this enables multiple users on a shared device to access their subsequent purchased content.


The mobile app is equipped with a mobile eReader that supports any content that is sold in the mobile store. The web reader allows users to read their content on their PCs and Mac computers via a browser. Some clients offer the same service for mobile and the web so that users can access their content on both devices by using their login details.

Academic eReader[edit]

The Snapplify Academic eReading platform has a full range of academic tools designed to transform textbooks, students can make notes on shared mobile devices as well as bookmarks, share pages, and highlight. This eReader software is supported across multiple platforms and integrates with student sign in, which allows data to be stored safely in the Snapplify Cloud servers.


The digital publishing mobile solution supports other DRM services, but Snapplify have developed their own DRM tool called SnappSafe DRM. This software prevents unauthorised access and distribution as the content is encrypted. The major differences between this particular DRM and other popular tools is that it does not require licenses for a mobile reader or a content server, as well as being developed to specially support embedded and streamed video and audio, and right to left ordered content for Arabic or Hebrew users (due to their foreign language template support).


eBook Distribution[edit]

This service enables publishers to sell their eBooks in bulk to an established distribution channel of institutions, schools, and retailers signed on by Snapplify. Publishers give Snapplify the license to retrieve their content directly from their servers, apply SnappSafe DRM to it, and sell it for them. Publishers benefit from this established distribution channel that has little to no setup fees or administration hassles.


Since their launch Snapplify has been reported to have released a foreign language template[6] which enables foreign content publishers to digitally publish and sell in their own language in an app and eReader that supports multi-character sets. Already being noted as the largest digital mobile apps provider in Africa and the Middle East[7] it has also taken on multiple international clients, including working with digital cartoon publisher Kaboom! Studios[8] from California, and Aadarsh Publishers[9] from India.


Before Snapplify was one year old they had reached 10 000 downloads[10] and before they were two years into business they had won a start-up Entrepreneurial competition known as Launch Cape Town,[11] a global start-up competition.

Global Partnerships[edit]

Most notable of their partnerships was when they partnered with SPi Global,[12] a global digital and epublishing service provider to many parts of the USA and Europe.[13]

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