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Snapshot or snap shot may refer to:

  • Snapshot, an amateur photograph
  • snap shot, in ice hockey, a fast shot made by snapping the wrists
  • SNAPSHOT, a United States program that launched the SNAP-10A nuclear reactor powered satellite
  • In computing, a snapshot is generally the capture of an object's state at a specific moment in time. Several snapshotting techniques exists:
    • Snapshot algorithm, a computer algorithm that copies a self-consistent image of the entire network to stable storage
    • Snapshot, in computer storage, a set of computer files and directories kept in storage as they were some time in the past
    • SNP file format, a file format for a "snapshot" of a chart or report from Microsoft Access
    • A view of a source code repository as it was at a particular time for the purpose of revision control in software development
    • Snapshot, a module of the Laserfiche product which creates and stores an image of an electronic file
  • In arts and entertainment
    • Snapshot, a 1979 Australian film directed by Simon Wincer
    • Snap Shot, an upcoming film
    • Snapshot, a novel by Garry Disher
    • Snapshot (video game), a 2012 platform indie game
    • In music:
      • "Snapshot", a single by American drag performer RuPaul
      • Snapshot, an album by Australian musician Daryl Braithwaite
      • Snapshot, an album by American country music singer Sylvia
      • Snapshot, a live album by American band Mission of Burma
      • Snapshot, an album by English musician Roger Glover
      • Snapshot, an album by Irish band The Strypes
      • Snapshot, an album by Canadian band Knacker
      • Snapshots, an album by Eleanor McEvoy
      • Snapshots, a covers album by Kim Wilde
      • "Snap Shot", a 1981 single by Slave