Sneffels Range

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Sneffels Range
San Juan Mountains in Ridgway.JPG
Sneffels Range
Highest point
Peak Mount Sneffels
Elevation 14,158 ft (4,315 m)
Country United States
State Colorado
Range coordinates 38°00′12″N 107°47′32″W / 38.00333°N 107.79228°W / 38.00333; -107.79228Coordinates: 38°00′12″N 107°47′32″W / 38.00333°N 107.79228°W / 38.00333; -107.79228
Parent range San Juan Mountains, Rocky Mountains

The Sneffels Range, regionally conterminous with San Juans, is the name of a young, prominent, and rugged range of mountains in southwestern Colorado of the San Juan Mountains. The Sneffels Range is often compared with the Grand Tetons because they both have a similar rugged appearance and a dramatic vertical rise. The Sneffels range form the southern border of Ouray County and run west to east.


The Sneffels Range can be viewed from as far as the La Sal Mountains in eastern Utah and is very prominent from most vantage points of the Uncompahgre Valley. The most prominent peak of the Sneffels Range is Mount Sneffels reaching 14,158 feet (4,315 m).[1]

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Panorama of the Sneffels sub range of the San Juan Mountains, photographed from Dallas Divide pass.
Panorama of the Cimmaron Mountains from Eagle Hill Ranch.