Snoqualmie Valley Regional Trail

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Approaching Reinig Bridge. At the other end is a staircase.
Map of Snoqualmie Valley Regional Trail and other nearby rail trails.

The Snoqualmie Valley Regional Trail is a King County administered trail that connects with the John Wayne Pioneer Trail in Iron Horse State Park. The 29-mile (47 km) trail follows a portion of the former alignment of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad's Everett Branch (Cedar Falls-Everett, later shortened to Monroe, WA).

The trail begins at Rattlesnake Lake outside of North Bend and ends at McCormick Park in Duvall.

Rattlesnake Lake to Reinig Bridge[edit]

The trail parallels the Cedar Falls Road before it heads east passing Rainbow Lake and down through the Boxley Creek drainage where a trestle bridge crosses a tributary of Boxley Creek. The trail intersects the eastern edge of Riverbend subdivision and crosses South Fork of the Snoqualmie River and then makes its way under I-90 and crosses North Bend Way and makes its way through North Bend (need better description, have never walked this section of the trail) and out through Mt. Si Golf Course to Reinig Bridge at SE Reinig Road. Rough distance : 9.79 miles.[1]

Reinig Bridge to Tokul Creek Road[edit]

Reinig Bridge crosses the Snoqualmie River and goes down a short flight of 15 steps to Meadowbrook Way Se near the intersection of SE Reinig Road. (not sure how horses would navigate this, bikes will have to be carried down) From here you must travel on roads to pick up the actual railroad grade on SE Tokul Creek Road. There are two options

  • Reinig Bridge to SE Tokul Creek Road via 396th Dr SE. Rough distance : 2.7 miles.[2]
  • Reinig Bridge to SE Tokul Creek Road via Mill Pond Road. Rough distance : 2.4 miles.[3]

Tokul Creek Road to McCormick Park, Duvall[edit]

There is no trail through from Reinig Bridge to where the trail picks back up on the east side of the tunnel under Tokul Creek Road. Nor are there any signs at the Reinig Bridge directing you to where the trail picks up and how to get there. Finding the trailhead at Tokul Creek Road is difficult since there are no signs for it either. From Tokul Creek Road the trail heads west (the trail unofficially continues in an unimproved state for a quarter-mile east of Tokul Creek Road before hitting a gate at a property boundary). A mile west on the trail from Tokul Creek Road the trail crosses Tokul Creek Trestle, where deep below runs Tokul Creek gorge. From there the road parallels Fall City Road through Carnation to the city of Duvall. Rough distance : 18.4 miles.[4]

Access points[edit]

The access points to the trail are:

  • Rattlesnake Lake, North Bend
  • SE North Bend Way & SE Tanner Rd, North Bend
  • NE 4th & Ballarat Ave, North Bend
  • Tokul Creek SE, near Snoqualmie
  • 356th Pl SE, near Fall City
  • Nick Loutsis Park, Carnation
  • McCormick Park, Duvall

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Feature Location
Rattlesnake Lake (North Bend) 47°25′53″N 121°45′58″W / 47.431484°N 121.766152°W / 47.431484; -121.766152
Reinig Bridge 47°31′47″N 121°48′12″W / 47.529706°N 121.803467°W / 47.529706; -121.803467
Tokul Creek 47°32′57″N 121°49′43″W / 47.549128°N 121.828487°W / 47.549128; -121.828487
McCormick Park (Duvall) 47°44′26″N 121°59′19″W / 47.740453°N 121.988701°W / 47.740453; -121.988701


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