Snow White (1987 film)

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Snow White
Directed by Michael Berz
Produced by Menahem Golan
Yoram Globus
Written by Michael Berz
Based on Snow White by the Brothers Grimm
Starring Diana Rigg
Sarah Patterson
Billy Barty
Nicola Stapleton
Distributed by MGM
Release dates 1987 (USA)
Running time 83 minutes
Country Israel
United States
Language English

Snow White is a 1987 American musical/fantasy film based on the classic fairytale and released as part of the "Cannon Movie Tales" series. The film was released straight to video. In August 2005 it was released on Region 1 DVD by MGM.


The film opens with a Prince traveling in the woods with his men. The Prince discovers Snow White inside a glass coffin, seemingly dead. The seven dwarfs arrive and tell the prince Snow White's story through flashback.

A wise King and fair Queen rule their kingdom well. While sewing, the Queen pricks herself on a sharp needle and blood falls on the snow outside her windowsill. The King declares that they will have a daughter with lips as red as a rose, hair as black as ebony and skin as white as snow. The Queen later gives birth to a princess, Snow White, but dies soon after.

The King remarries, but the new queen (Diana Rigg) is evil and jealous of Snow White (Nicola Stapleton). When the King and Snow White leave for a hunt, the Evil Queen asks her hunter to take Snow White away and cut out her liver. The hunter succeeds in taking Snow White from her father but is unable to kill her. He lets Snow White flee into the forest, and there she discovers a cottage belonging to seven kindly dwarfs - Iddy, Biddy, Kiddy, Diddy, Fiddy, Giddy and Liddy - who allow her to stay. The King is told that Snow White has been eaten by wild animals, and himself dies in battle.

Years pass and Snow White grows up into a young woman (Sarah Patterson). When the Evil Queen asks her mirror who the fairest is, she is told that Snow White, who is alive in the forest, is the fairest of them all. The Evil Queen disguises herself as a gypsy peddlar woman and gets Snow White to try on a bodice, tying it too tight and causing Snow White to collapse unconscious. The dwarfs return and cut Snow White out of the bodice, reviving her. They warn Snow White against letting strangers into the cottage.

The Evil Queen tries again, disguising herself as an Asian comb seller. Snow White refuses to let her into the cottage, but the Evil Queen convinces her to open the door a little and pushes a poisoned comb into her hair. The dwarfs later revive Snow White by removing the comb. The third time, the Evil Queen disguises herself as an apple seller. Snow White resists the Evil Queen at first, until the Evil Queen cuts the apple in two so they may share it. Snow White eats the poisoned half and falls unconscious. The dwarfs are unable to revive her, and place her inside a glass coffin.

The film returns to the present, where the dwarfs have allowed the Prince to take Snow White away. While the Prince and his men are transporting her, the coffin accidentally falls, dislodging the apple from her throat and awakening her. The Prince is enchanted by Snow White, and she accepts the Prince proposal of marriage.

Invitations are sent out to every kingdom for their wedding, and the Evil Queen receives one as well. The Evil Queen is told the bride is the fairest in the land. She consults her mirror and learns that the bride is fairer than her. In her rage she destroys her mirror, which causes her to age rapidly. The Evil Queen rushes to the church to see the bride for herself, and is shocked to see that it's Snow White. The Evil Queen, now an old hag, limps out of the church and disintegrates into ashes. Snow White and her prince live happily ever after.


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