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Snowbound is a 1948 British thriller film directed by David MacDonald and starring Dennis Price, Stanley Holloway, Mila Parély, and Herbert Lom.[1] A group of people search for treasure hidden by the Nazis in the Alps following the Second World War. It was based on the novel The Lonely Skier by Hammond Innes.


  • Dennis Price - Neil Blair
  • Mila Parély - Carla Rometta, alias Comtessa Forelli
  • Stanley Holloway - Joe Wesson
  • Marcel Dalio - Stefano Valdini
  • Guy Middleton - Gilbert Mayne
  • Herbert Lom - Von Kellerman, alias Keramikos
  • Robert Newton - Derek Engles
  • Willy Fueter - Aldo, innkeeper
  • Catherina Ferraz - Emilia, innkeeper
  • Richard Molinas - Mancini, rental agent
  • Rositer Shepherd - Italian Lawyer Buying Inn
  • Zena Marshall - Italian Girl Flirting with Joe
  • William Price - Capt. Heinrich Stelben
  • Lionel Grose - Cpl. Holtz
  • Gilbert Davis - Commissionaire


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