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Front cover of issue 82 of SoHo featuring in the centre Colombian actress Claudia Liliana González posing nude wearing epaulettes and a bicorne drawing a sword from its scabbard.
Front cover of issue 82 of SoHo featuring actress Claudia Liliana González.
Editor-in-Chief Daniel Samper Ospina
Categories Adult magazine
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Publicaciones Semana S.A.
First issue 10 August 1999
Country Colombia
Based in Bogota, D.C.
Language Spanish
ISSN 0124-1400

SoHo is a Colombian-based monthly magazine founded in 1999 by Daniel Samper Ospina. It is geared toward male audiences and known for its publication of suggestive pictures and/or nude pictures of models, actresses, and women in the public Colombian life on its cover and in its galleries.

In addition to the women on its cover, the magazine is recognized for the contributions of notable Latin American writers and its diverse topics of interest to the male audience. This often puts it in the same market segment as Playboy or Maxim. It is the second largest magazine by circulation in Colombia after TVyNovelas.

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