So Goes My Love

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So Goes My Love
So Goes My Love FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Frank Ryan
Produced by Bruce Manning
Jack H. Skirball
Screenplay by Bruce Manning
Clifton James
Based on Hiram Percy Maxim
Starring Myrna Loy
Don Ameche
Rhys Williams
Music by Hans J. Salter
Cinematography Joseph A. Valentine
Edited by Ted J. Kent
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release dates May 1, 1946 (1946-05-01)
Running time 88 min
Country United States
Language English

So Goes My Love (released as A Genius in the Family in the UK) is an American 1946 comedy film, produced by Universal Pictures. It is based on a true story, A Genius in the Family, the memoir of Hiram Percy Maxim, and focusing on the relationship between Maxim and his father, Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim.

The film was Myrna Loy's first starring role as a freelance artist following her departure from M-G-M.[1]

Plot summary[edit]


Production notes[edit]

The music in the film was composed by Hans J. Salter.

The Universal Studios backlot was used for the wagon ride scene.

The house facades used in the film were built on Universal's Stage 12. In 1950, two of these units were moved from Stage 12 and relocated to Universal's new Colonial Street. The Maxims' house would later be used for the television series The Munsters. The "Maxim House" was also used in the movie One Desire (1955), while the "Allison House" was used in the movie Harvey (1950). In 1964, Universal Studios tour guides called the sets the "Munster House" (Maxim home) and the "Harvey House" (Allison or Dowd Home). Portions of the "Harvey House" were also used for the films Psycho (1960) and The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (1966). Today, the sets are located on Universal's Wisteria Lane: the "Harvey House" is at 4349 Wisteria Lane, and the "Munster House" is at 4351 Wisteria Lane.


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